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Music: U2, "In God's Country" Various shots of our family vacation in Yellowstone. Look also for the Grand Teton video. Please buy the Joshua Tree album if you like the song!

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Comment by mh on July 11, 2013 at 9:23pm

Thanks for the quick response. I am definitely intrigued by the quadcopter. Too bad that I'm only finding out about this now- i'm sure you're right that the learning curve must be pretty steep. Guess I'll stick to regular video for this trip.. but it's giving me ideas for future videos/trips!

Comment by P P on July 11, 2013 at 7:35pm

Thanks for the compliments. Believe me it was as much fun capturing the video as it is watching it. My quadcopter is pretty advanced and not for beginners. I would suggest you find a local hobby store and ask about quadcopters. Blade (Horizon Hobby) just announced a beginner-friendly one called the Blade 350 qx. It can hold a gopro - not included - and has GPS and can return to your start position if you think you've lost control. Unfortunately it's not yet released. The GoPro is $300-400. If you want to fly it First Person View (FPV) that's another dimension and will take another $400 or so as well as lots and lots of practice. If you haven't flown radio control aircraft I am sorry to say I don't think you will be up and running within 10 days - just putting together the stuff takes some time as well as learning to fly it. However I would definitely be on the lookout for the Blade 350 qx. I think it's $450 WITH a radio but no gopro camera. Pretty good deal for what it is. Hope that helps! Thanks again for the kind words.

Comment by mh on July 11, 2013 at 6:59pm

Great videos of both Yellowstone and Grand Teton! We are going there in 10 days- watching your video makes me even more excited to go. The flying camera is awesome! Can I have more details about this? Makes for fantastic video. Your family seems to have had such a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing.


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