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Some people just don’t understand what the big deal is when it comes to motorhomes, but the popularity of Cruise America RV Rentals can’t be denied. All you have to do is drive down the highway and you’ll see that people love them. If you find yourself amongst the uninitiated, it’s helpful to have the most basic question of all answered in simple terms.

What do people do with motorhomes? Here are some of the common answers you might not be aware of:

-        Travel

-        Local road trips

-        Company vehicles (portable offices)

-        Full time living

-        Extra living space for out of town visitors

-        Extended stay solutions

-        Temporary housing solutions

-        And much more…

Why is it better than the traditional flight/bus/rental car combined with hotels? There are two reasons. It’s more economical, and you are subject to one schedule … yours. You don’t have to be SO mobile when you have a recreational vehicle. If you are traveling on business, you don’t have to pack up, cart around and then unpack all your office files and laptop at each hotel room. You can just put it away for the drive. When you arrive at your destination you park and walk back to your RV office. This is just one example of what makes so many feel the motorhome is so much more convenient than a hotel on the road. This unique aspect of motorhomes will continue to grow on the public. You’ll find that you aren’t immune so you may as well start getting used to seeing them out and about. They aren’t going away. The number you run into during the course of a regular day is only going to increase,despite gas prices! Call Cruise America, or visit to see how renting or owning a motorhome can make you wonder how you ever got along without it.

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