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My Husband Has Not Used RV Dealers Before … Bet he Does Next Time!

Dear Cruise America,


I wish I was writing to tell you that we purchased an RV from you, and that we lived happily ever after, but I am not … nor am I very happy.  I do, however, want to thank the sales person that was so knowledgeable and patient with my husband, Richard.


Richard has purchased a whole lot of vehicles in his day, and never used car dealers to do it.  For reasons unknown, he has always been of the opinion that they are out to get him.  Apparently he feels the same about used RV dealers as well, and when we made our purchase, he didn’t use one.  I think, as you read on, you will find that he has set himself up for a major paradigm shift.

This winter his best friend bought a motorhome from a used RV dealer.  As a matter of fact, it was your Las Vegas Cruise America dealership.  It was used, but was in great condition (like new).  He brought it over to our house and showed it off to us.   After his buddy explained all the benefits of RV traveling, Richard decided he wanted one (I think there was some jealousy involved).  I told him that you guys rent RVs too, and that we should rent one and try it out, but he was persistent to make the purchase.  I told him to be very cautious, and to at least go somewhere that was reputable like his friend had done.  Of course, he insisted that he was not going to waste money going to an actual RV store, because he knew all the tricks that used RV dealers used to make a fat profit.


Just to figure out exactly what type of RV we needed, we did go to Cruise America, where the sales person was very helpful, and determined what would work best for us.  Every RV we looked at was in new condition with everything in great working order.  If it had have been up to me, I would have bought one right then and there.  This however, was the point at which my husband decided to start the “shop on his own” frenzy.


After going poring through the newspaper ads and Internet sites, Richard found a Class C RV that he said would be perfect for us, and that by going through a private party, he would save $967 and would not have to pay any commission to a used RV dealer.  It would require a trip to Northern Nevada, which is a long drive from where we live in Las Vegas, but he insisted that it was well worth it.  The plan was that if we liked it, he would drive it home and I would drive our car.


As we examined the RV, the owner explained that there were a couple of “minor” issues, but that besides those, it was running perfect.  Of course, my husband said that he could fix all those minor things himself so it would be like new again.  Against all of my protests, he told the guy he’d take it.  He drove the thing across the state of Nevada in the summer, in the desert, and the fact that he was drenched with sweat by the first rest stop served him right.  I was glad to see him suffering, as I was not a happy camper!


For the purpose of time, I will not go into the whole story, as it may make my blood pressure rise to dangerous levels, and my language will not be fit for print.  Please allow me to run over the minor issues and what they have cost us thus far.


Gasoline to go get the thing (remember, two vehicles) - $480

New water pump (front seal) – $300

Air conditioning repair – $1,250

Fuel pump repair – $110

New front tires – $320

Windshield replacement – $265

Get stovetop working – $85


For those of you who are not inclined towards arithmetic prowess, let me add that up for you.  By purchasing our RV from a private party (no RV dealer used) we paid $967 dollars less than we would have by going to a dealer.  However, after paying for fuel and the repairs just to make it roadworthy, we spent $2,810.  This means that with no dealer used, we spent $1,843 more than we would have by going through Cruise America and getting a like new RV.


Lastly, let me tell you how many trips we have taken in our new RV. One.  The dream vacation machine is now parked beside our house until we can afford to put in a new motor, as apparently the block is cracked and it can’t hold oil.


My husband used to brag about how he didn't purchase our motorhome through a used RV dealer.  I don’t hear him bragging much anymore.  Cruise America, I’m sorry we did not use you, and I promise that next time we will!

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