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Used Class C RVs – Perfect For the First Time Owner

Dear Cruise America,

I have been toying with the idea of getting a new recreational vehicle for a long time.  It always seems like just when I’m ready to go out and shop, something comes up.  I had it in mind to purchase a new RV, but I didn’t know what type would be the best for my family and me.  There are five of us, and we needed something that we could all travel in.  I had a large class A RV in mind, and have pictured myself in one many times, however, luck was with me last week and my mind was changed.  My attention was turned to looking at used Class C RVs.

I was hiking in a Maricopa County park in the Arizona desert, when I bumped into a friend of mine, Wally, who was staying there in the RV area of the park.  I told him that I’d like to see it, so we walked over and he gave me a tour.  It was a Class C motorhome, which honestly, I hadn’t considered.  He explained that the RV he had before this one was a Class A, and he would never have one again.  He said that it was like being the captain of a cruise ship, or the driver of a Greyhound bus.  He said that he could never get into or out of any parking lots, and that backing into the different RV parks was usually a challenge, especially if there were neighboring RVs.  He also told me that they always felt like they needed to tow around another smaller vehicle because their previous RV was too burdensome to move.

Wally’s Class C RV was just perfect.  It was small enough for he and his wife to take on excursions, but large enough to feel very comfortable inside.  It sat on a regular pickup truck chassis, and according to Wally, it was just like the family vehicle to drive.  The kicker is that, while it seemed brand new, he told me found it amongst the many used Class C RVs at one of your Cruise America Dealerships (the one in Mesa, AZ).

The next day I was at that same dealership looking at several of their used Class C RVs.  I could not believe the selection that was available; not only from that center, but the others around the country.  I am both proud and excited to say that I found exactly what I was looking for, and as a matter of fact, I am writing this letter from my motorhome, parked amidst the great Redwoods in Southern California, overlooking the Smith River.  I am now a great fan of used Class C RVs, and would encourage anyone looking for a motorhome to visit one of your locations.

Happy Camper,

Doug Houston

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