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+++URGENT+++ Do you plan a trip starting from Denver? Read this!

Hi guys, 

My wife, my son and I have booked an RV in Denver, CO in late may this year. 

My son will be 8 months old by this time, and since our german child seat is not allowed in the US, we most likely have to buy one in the US.

After the trip, we want to 


this child seat again.

Are you interested in a child seat (most likely group 1) from i.e. Graco? 

- We can agree on the model, colour and so on

- You will most likely get a fair price for a 

- car seat that is two weeks old only

- our trip dates are May 18th to June 1st

- we will find a way to store the seat safely in the US if your trip will be later

Call me, email me, post here. Taking the seat back to Germany with me is not an option. 


If you know someone in the Denver area who needs a child seat, please let her / him know about this option!



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