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(WOW, last time I posted was June 17, 2013, over two and half years ago.) No changes on our 2003 23P, still like it. Except now the neighbor wants to buy it. Not going to happen. Currently camping very near Yuma, AZ enjoying the sunny desert weather. When we see a Majestic parked we usually stop to say "Hello". Last Majestic we ran across, was a single man that lives only five miles from where we are from in the Pacific Northwest, small world sometimes. These Majestic's get around. We're camping on BLM land, no or very low camping fees. We should buy new tires this year and we're also thinking about starting a own blog of our RV travels. We enjoy the lifestyle. Free to go where you want and you never know what you'll see or who you might meet. The very first day the temps go over 100 we're heading north. But not like last year when we made a bee run back home to the rivers, streams and logging roads. Probably take 2 months going north enjoying all the sights.

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