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The Tucson RV Dealers Couldn’t Measure Up to Cruise America

I looked at all the Tucson RV dealers, but none of them could match up to Cruise America, who won my heart (and my business).

I am part of a paranormal investigation group based in Tucson, Arizona. We travel to various locations around the U.S. that are purported to be haunted, and in the past, when we’d travel, we’d have to rent hotel rooms in each location. Not only was this expensive, but there were not always rooms available close to the property we were investigating.

As we are a special interest group, and not a business that creates revenue, we have to always be mindful of our spending and keep a close eye on our budget.  There are six of us, so the cost of getting a hotel room for each of us can be prohibitive, so that led me to explore other options. It was just before our last trip that I came up with a brilliant idea (not to brag). I was looking on the web for hotel rooms in the town of Jerome (where we were heading to do some ghost busting) when I saw an article about Cruise America and the advantages to traveling in a motorhome. A light bulb appeared over my head! I started shopping Tucson RV dealers to see about buying a motorhome for the group. There are six of us that travel, so we could all fit in one. A brand new one was out of the question, so I set my sights on looking at used motorhomes. Without going into too much detail, I will tell you that I learned that Cruise America sells their used class C RVs at a great discount. Also, they completely refurbish and recondition them so that it’s like getting a new unit. The price was completely affordable, especially with the payments split amongst the group. Their sales location nearest us was in Phoenix, just a hop, skip and a jump away. We ended up purchasing one of their larger models, which gives us plenty of sleeping room, as well as room for all of our equipment.

We now travel in comfort and style, and we even painted it up like the “Mystery Machine” van on Scooby Doo. Everyone seems to get a kick out of it.

In my efforts to find the right Tucson RV dealer for us, I found Cruise America to be the most knowledgeable and the most helpful by far than any of the other dealers I spoke to. I would highly recommend them for the purchase of an RV, although I know they rent them too. Thank you Cruise America. Oh, and by the way, if there’s something weird in your neighborhood…who you gonna call?

Bill Laugherty – Tucson, AZ

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