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Even though staying in your Cruise America rental RV is always the most comfortable method of camping, there are some things you can do to help you improve your experience. Cruise America has put together a list of some of these small camping hacks:

Wash our Down Jackets and Blankets

Once a down jacket or comforter has been used for several years, there is a great deal of dirt and body oils that accumulate in the down clusters inside. This can be detrimental to its effectiveness in keeping you warm and comfy. In order to bring your down gear up to par, simply wash it in a front-load washing machine with a gentle detergent. (NikWax Down Wash Direct works very well). Use cold water only, and set it on the gentlest cycle. Set the dryer on a cool, gentle cycle as well, and throw a tennis ball in as it dries to help beat down the down clumps. It may take more than one cycle to completely dry, but in the end it will feel as though your down jacket or sleeping bag is new again.

Don’t Over Pack

While your rental RV comes with a great deal of storage, use wisdom when you pack. The less you have to keep track of, the easier it is to load and unload. Nobody likes a cluttered campsite or motorhome. Lay out all the things you are going to load into your RV, then reconsider what is really necessary. You’ll be surprised at the number of things you can do without.

Learn About your Destinations and Hiking Trails

Learn what is nearby the site where you have chosen to camp. Once you know what is in the area, it will help you decide just what you need to bring. By using a virtual map or satellite imagery, you can see what kind of terrain you’ll be dealing with, and some of the areas off the beaten path that you’d like to explore.

Start Working Out Now

If your RV camping experience includes some vigorous climbing or water sports, be sure that you are up to the challenge. It may behoove you to start working out and getting into shape before your trip. You don’t want to climb down the Grand Canyon if you can’t make it back up and out. This will also help minimize injuries, as your body will be better prepared to deal with the rigors of exercise.

Plan your Meals and Practice!

Make sure that if you don’t know how to prepare the food you want to eat, to learn before you get to your campsite. By practicing cooking the dishes you plan on making, you will avoid a great deal of wasteful ruining and burning of the meal, or simply failing to use the right ingredients and having to discard the food. You have a well-equipped kitchen in your rental RV, so you might as well take full advantage of it. List all of the needed ingredients and make sure they get packed. Plan each meal out so that you don’t end up without bread for the sandwiches, or cream for the coffee.

Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things

You may enjoy simply sitting on the shore watching the fish jump, or maybe a quiet round of birdwatching is more your thing, and that is perfectly okay. After all, camping is all about relaxation. But, if you have any inkling at all to lengthen your stride a little, don’t deprive yourself of setting and meeting your personal goals. Sometimes we dread changing our habits, but you may be very surprised at how much fun you’ll have if you get out and explore some uncharted personal territory.

There are several ways to improve upon your RV travel, but that comes rather organically as you gather more camping experience under your belt. One thing is certain, though. You will never know the joy of an RV camping adventure if you never give it a try!

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