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Questioning Time Travel is a Thing of the Past

If you need to rent a camper, more specifically, a Cruise America class C motorhome, we are here for you. As you know, we can set you up in the right model for your group, no matter what the size.

Every month or so we at Cruise America come up with something so innovative, so beyond its time, that we can hardly wait to share it with our readers. Once again our advanced engineering team has developed a motorhome that goes beyond the scope of just comfortable travel and affordability; it breeches the boundaries of what we have considered “limitations” in the past.

We have written many blog entries and articles about the various places you can travel to in our top-of-the-line class C motorhomes, including underwater, in the air, and even into hostile zombie zones. Now, we invite you to engage in a different type of travel. A journey that will take you not through different states and counties, but through different dimensions. We are talking about time travel.

Thanks to the years of dedicated research by our own quantum physicist, Emmett “Doc” Brown, and in cooperation with the DeLorean Historical Foundation, Cruise America is ready to launch its latest (and now favorite) form of RV travel … travel through time. We call our new motorhome the M.I.T.T. (Measurable Inter-dimensional Time Traveler).

Utilizing our finely tuned RV flux capacitor, our quantum mechanics have been able to generate the required 1.21 gigawatts of power that enables the modified class C motorhomes to be thrust either forward or backwards through time. The possibilities of this new form of travel are limitless. However, the Department of Quantum Teleportation has placed rules and regulations on time travelers. For example, anyone who acquires the licensing to travel in quantum fashion will not be allowed to play the lottery, place sporting wagers, or invest in stocks or real estate for the amount of time equal to the distance they traveled on their latest journey. If any of them should win any form of financial gain during that time period, it will not be honored and the traveler would have no legal claim to it. Another rule is that there is to be no contact with any individuals that would eventually become famous, or infamous. You are strictly forbidden to engage in any activity to encourage or prevent the future happening of any event, catastrophic or not.

Despite the regulations and contractual agreements, time travel is still a wonderful experience for those wishing to journey forward or backwards. Imagine speaking to your old third grade class, watching yourself squirm in your seat, wondering if you are really you speaking. Or how about being there for the marriage of your children (whom you may not even have yet), or the birth of your great, great grandchildren.

Cruise America will begin renting the M.I.T.T. models before year’s end of 2012. Customers are required to take the unit for a qualification run before driving off the lot. We simply have you travel one week forward, where our representatives are standing by to assist you. You will confirm that your trip was successful by bringing us a newspaper from your day of arrival (lottery numbers, sports scores and stock reports have been removed).

Our new time travel motorhome is now on display in our Mesa, Arizona location. Feel free to drop by and take a test trip. We must limit your travel to one week either direction, as the power that must be generated is dependent on the time/distance you travel. All that is required to take a test run is for you to be able to handle the motorhome as you accelerate up to 88 miles per hour on our dedicated runway. That is the speed required to engage the flux capacitor. Once you arrive, you will simply be in the same place, one week later. Unless the weather is different, you will probably not even realize you have gone anywhere.

Note: The blog you just read may or may not be factual. The author may, or may not, have taken creative liberties. Knowing him, he probably did.

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