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Stop and Smell the Roses, and Other Tips for Motorhome Travelers

Once you have secured your RV rental from Cruise America and all your travel plans are made, you are always so excited to get on the road and get to your destination. If this describes you, we have a few tips, from which you will benefit greatly.

Getting to your destination quickly is great if you’re in a car, a plane or a bus. But, when you are in a motorhome, you are ALWAYS at your destination, even if you haven’t arrived yet. Every experience can be enjoyed, no matter where you are. That’s because you are carrying your home along with you. Here are a few tips for those who rent one of our comfortable, state-of-the-art class C motorhomes.

While you want to carefully plan the scheduled days you’ll be gone, along with the specific destinations, remember that the journey is a very large part of the enjoyment. In other words, don’t be in too much of a hurry to get places. Oh, and remember that when using travel maps or GPS to gauge how long it will take to get there, you should not try to match the speed of a regular car, for which the estimated arrival timed are figured. Here are a few more tips that we think you might find helpful:

-Remember that it takes about 10% longer to get to places when traveling in a motorhome, as opposed to a car.

-While planning your travel route, remember to avoid the big-city rush-hour traffic by going around the downtown area (unless you love sitting in traffic). Getting caught in commuter traffic can be frustrating, not to mention a big timewaster.

-Several newly-converted RV users try to get in ten hours or more of driving per day, as though they were traveling in a traditional family vehicle. An RV trip is one in which you want to take time to enjoy your journey down the road. If you see something interesting, stop and take a look! One of the greatest things about being on vacation is not being in a big rush. Try to keep driving to about six hours per day, and enjoy the rest of the hours creating new adventures. Go ahead and stop to see the alligators feed in Florida, or take that hike down into the Grand Canyon, or get out and stroll amongst the giant redwood trees in Northern California. In other words, if you see some pretty roses along the way, stop and smell them!

-Remember that your mind is the clearest, and most rested in the early hours of the day, which makes it a great time to travel. If you’re traveling through the desert, the cool temperatures of morning are easier on your motorhome than the hotter times of the day.

-Stop and take a break every couple of hours. Stretch out your legs, walk around your RV and check the tires, the storage container door latches and the overall condition of your rig. This will help you stay refreshed.

-When it’s time for lunch, make it a fun outing. Maybe eat at a park, visit a local factory for a tour or visit a popular tourist attraction. Do something more than just shove down a sandwich or two while driving.

-Most states have a visitor’s welcome-center near their respective borders. They may be in a rest area, or somewhere near the border crossing. These are usually very well-stocked with brochures and pamphlets about tourist attractions in the state, RV campgrounds, commercial establishments wanting to win your business, etc. If there is a manned counter, go and ask for a road map of the state or a directory of state parks.

-When the time comes to fuel up, try stopping at one of the many travel plazas where you will not only find gas, but convenience stores, restaurants, restrooms, and even dump stations in some of them. By doing this, you can take care of several needs in one stop.

-Check out the laundry facilities at your campground. It’s a good place to chat with other campers who may have information about the destination you’ve chosen to visit.

Traveling in an RV is more of an art form than an exact science. All travelers dance to the beat of their respective drums, but one thing is for sure: There is no better way to create family memories than to engage in the most relaxing form of travel together, and that would be in your Cruise America rental RV.

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