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Cruise America wants to remind our customers that this is the time of year that the wildfires pop up all over the forested lands, and that they are nothing to mess around with. The landscape is so dry in some places, that sparking a fire can happen easily and quickly. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be disastrous, so vigilance is important. Not only do you need to be aware of where the fires are occurring, but you should also know what you must do to prevent forest or brush fires.

A forest fire (also known as wildfire, brushfire or wild land fire) is basically a fire that is uncontrolled, usually occurring in remote areas. Depending on how fast the wind is blowing, these fires can travel as fast as 40 miles per hour. That's as fast as a car! When a fire gets rolling, it takes down trees as though they were made of cardboard. In addition, they are not particular about what they burn down. They will consume anything in their paths, including homes, businesses, and yes, even RVs.

One cause of wildfires is lightning, and there is nothing that man can do about that. Unfortunately, four out of five uncontrolled fires are caused by the carelessness, or maliciousness of man. All it takes is a careless disposal of a cigarette butt, or a campfire that is left unattended at the end of the evening, or children playing with sticks that have been lit from the family fire.

1. As a responsible camper, it's imperative that you make sure that while you are enjoying a fun RV adventure, you don't become the cause of a fire. Here are a few tips to help prevent that from happening:

2. Have tools in or near your Cruise America rental RV that will help you fight a fire. Included may be a fire extinguisher, buckets, shovels and a hose (if there is a water supply available).

3. If you're camping near a lake, river or any body of water, keep a bucket of water on hand … especially if you're enjoying a campfire.

4. Keep any liquids of a flammable nature away from your motorhome, vehicle or tent, just in case a fire should break out.

5. Thoroughly douse barbeque pits and campfires before hitting the sack. There should be no burning embers remaining. As an extra precaution, cover them if possible.

6. Eyeglasses that are left in the sun can act as a magnifying glass and start flammable items burning. Keep them in the case.

7. Make sure that the kids don't get a hold of matches and lighters. The temptation to start a makeshift fire can sometimes be too great to resist.

8. Be sure to always extinguish cigarette butts in an ashtray or a bucket of sand. Never discard them anywhere in the open.

When it boils down to it, these are all just common sense suggestions. We want our customers to be safe. Assure that you are not the cause of a fire, and make sure to watch or listen to news reports and keep abreast of where any fires may be burning … then go the other way!

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