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It’s Not Just Haunted Houses That are Haunted!

The only thing that makes a better Halloween setting of ghost stories around the campfire, are the ghosts, themselves, around the campfire! Now we’re not promising that by going to one of these “haunted” areas you’ll see a spiritual apparition, but the chances do exist! Here are a few of these sites with such eerie, supernatural folktales:

Bottomless Lake State Park, New Mexico: So, the lakes in this park are beautiful to behold, as they have a rich, blue-green color that gives them the appearance of being bottomless. In reality, however, there is a bottom to these sinkholes—90-feet down!

It’s not the fact that the lakes appear to have no bottom that puts the creep factor into the area, it’s that this park is located just 14 miles from the infamous Roswell; the home of countless UFO sightings. It’s not scary during the day when you’re hiking or fishing, but once nighttime falls, there’s a whole different feeling as you gaze at the clear skies, wondering whether or not we really are alone in this universe.

The park is located at 545 A Bottomless Lakes Rd, Roswell, NM 88201 and the phone number is 575-624-6058. The park gates are locked from 9PM to 7AM at the Lea Lake Campground. All the other areas are open 24 hours. The day use area is open from mid-May through Labor Day.

Winter Island Park in Salem, Massachusetts: This park is one of the only places in the state that offers waterfront campsites. There’s even a beach that’s named after the famous Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. It’s a green, wooded rocky island, suited perfectly for camping, but one mustn’t forget that this is the place that once guarded a town where 19 women were hanged for witchcraft back in the 1600s. The Salem Witch Trials were the cause of 17 other alleged “witches” to be hanged while awaiting their trials. In fact, Giles Cory was a man who refused to participate in his trial, maintaining that he was innocent of the witchcraft charges. The people of the town wouldn’t stand for that, so they laid him down and placed heavy stones on his chest until his demise two days later.

There are still remnants of times past, such as the fort built in 1643, which still stands firmly on the island. The people of Salem celebrate Halloween with a huge festival known as the Halloween Ball. However, those who are spending the night on Winter Island may be quietly reminded of the haunting past of the British Colony that resided there.

The park is located at 50 Winter Island Rd, Salem, MA 01970 and the phone number is 978-745-9430. The park gates are locked from 10PM to 7AM at the Campground.

Devil’s Tombstone Campground in Hunter, New York: While the scenery is breathtaking, the name alone is enough to keep many campers feeling a little freaked out while there. It’s located in Stony Grove, and it’s one of the oldest campgrounds in the Catskills Forest. The word “clove” originates from the old Dutch word, “Kloove,” which means “gash or cut in the body of Mother Earth.” It’s rumored that Stony Clove was a favorite haunt of the Devil during the early days of settlement. One object that’s associated with the Devil still lies in the campground; and that’s referred to as the Devil’s Tombstone. It’s a large boulder that measures approximately seven feet by five feet. It’s speculated that it was carried down the mountain several centuries ago by a landslide or a glacier … or maybe the Devil himself! The park is located at NY-214 Hunter, New York 12442 and the phone number is 845-688-7160. The campground is open from May 19th to September 4th so Halloween night won’t work.

Atlantic Blueberry Hill, The Pine Barrens, New Jersey: There are several stories that have been repeated, as people try to explain the “Jersey Devil,” who supposedly haunts the strange and desolate Pine Barrens of South Jersey. And, even though Atlantic Blueberry Hill is located just 13 miles from Atlantic City’s bustling boardwalk, the quiet and often desolate pine forest makes camping at night feel completely isolated—especially in light of the fact that the area has supposedly been terrorized by the Jersey Devil for more than two centuries. Those who have claimed to see him describe the beast as a flying two-legged creature with hooves. Others have described it as a witch named Mother Leeds. According to folklore, this Leeds woman invoked the devil as she gave birth to her 13th child. She named him Lucas, just before he transformed into a demon and flew off into the night pines.

Even napoleon Bonaparte’s older brother claimed to have seen the entity while on a South Jersey hunting expedition in the 1800s. Other sightings have invoked widespread panic as recently as 1960. The address to the park is 283 Clarks Landing Rd, Port Republic, NJ 08241 and the phone number is 609-652-1644.

Lewis Stringer Campsite, Inyo National Forest, California: Located on the Kern Plateau in the Golden Trout Wilderness, at the Inyo National Forest, this campsite is named for Sam Lewis and his wife, who ran sheep in the vicinity in the late 19th century. The site had been reported to be Sam’s wife’s favorite place, and when she died in the early 1900s, Sam cremated her body and scattered her ashes around there.

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