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The San Diego RV Dealer Threw Me Off Course

I went to a San Diego RV dealer, who tried endlessly to sell me a recreational vehicle that I could never afford.  It was one of those huge bus types, which I don’t think I could have handled anyway.  It almost offended me that he kept trying to sell me something that would put me in financial jeopardy.  Needless to say, that San Diego RV dealer did not get my business!


I am so glad that I visited your Cruise America RV dealership in Los Angeles, because it was there that I learned that I could afford a very nice RV.  I never thought to purchase a used RV.


In the past, I have used RV rentals from Cruise America for my family vacations, but until lately, I never really thought about purchasing one … I never thought it was possible, but after your representative explained how I could achieve it, I made my purchase and I am the envy of the neighborhood.  I’m glad I didn’t listen to that San Diego RV dealer!


As a young boy growing up, my parents always had a recreational vehicle, and I really enjoyed the times we had in it.  They are both gone now, and the old RV that they had was sold in an estate sale we had.  It was so old I’m surprised anyone bought it.  I, however, have been searching for another one that I could buy, but I always considered it a long way off, after retirement.


After looking for about two years at new RVs, I finally gave up, thinking that I would never find one that I could afford.  I had thought about purchasing a used one, but had no clue where I could find one that I trusted.  It was not until I discussed it with your salesperson that I had any hope of getting one.  He showed me that I could buy my own used motorhome from Cruise America for a fraction of the price that I could spend on a new one.


I was very impressed with the twelve month, twelve thousand mile warranty.  And I loved the optional five year, hundred thousand mile power train protection I could get, and so affordable (which, by the way, comes with roadside assistance). 


I found you by looking on the Internet for a San Diego RV dealer, and learned that I could rent a Cruies America RV in San Diego, but that your closest sales location was Los Angeles.  I went to your location and discussed my needs.  The agent was so very helpful, and showed me what you had in inventory.  I was amazed at how inexpensive they were compared to what I had been looking at.


Here is the amazing part; the RV that I wanted to purchase was not in California, but Phoenix.  You actually paid for my airline ticket to go make the purchase!


Lastly, I felt confident after seeing how good of shape the used motorhomes you had for sale were.  I’m sure that is why you are willing to issue the warranty.


So thank you Cruise America for helping to achieve my goal, and remain confident about my finances, which would not have been the case had I dealt with that San Diego RV dealer!  I have spent hours and hours of enjoyment in my RV, and I assure you it was worth every penny that I spent.


Don Blackstone

San Diego, CA

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