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Everyone's favorite travel season is here, and Cruise America is stocked up with great deals on their top-of-the-line class C RV rentals!

Summertime travel usually involves barbecuing, time in the sun and water activities. Whether you're a novice RVer or a first timer in a motorhome, it's always important to exercise a high degree of safety along with your family fun. Here are a few summer safety tips to remember:

Grilling and Fire Safety

Is there anything better than delicious cookout fare from the grill or smoker? It's hard to beat that smell of barbeque in the woods or on the beach. Here are a few things to remember when you are grilling outdoors.

• Remember to never leave your grill unattended. There should always be a responsible adult standing guard to control the fire, as well as keep children and animals away from the hot surfaces.

• Before grilling for the first time of the year, make sure that your grill is up to par and ready to perform. Make sure that it's free of any grease buildup. Many RV parks have grills available in either the common areas or at each campsite. Make sure to clean the grill before cooking your food on it.

• Always position your grill away from your RV, as well as a safe distance from trees or brush that could catch fire.

• Be prepared in case there are any flare-ups, or in case of an ignition from a spark or ember. It's a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher handy for this reason. In addition, if you are using a gas grill, make sure you know how to cut off the fuel.

Picnic Food Precautions

One of the greatest things about camping in an RV is that you have a refrigerator, enabling you to bring your food and keep it with you. This avoids you having to wander to the nearest grocery store every time you prepare a meal. However, there are a few precautions that should be taken:

• Be sure to properly choose and store your food to help prevent any "tummy troubles" later. Avoid any cross-contamination and be sure to continually wash your hands and cutting board before and after handling the meat.

• Be sure to keep the food at a safe temperature. As an example, cold foods should not be left at room temperature for any length of time. Warm foods should be maintained to at least 140 degrees (Fahrenheit) until served.

• Keep your dishes (or paper plates) and utensils covered to keep dust and insects off them. You don't want them depositing any germs … anywhere.

Note: Should you develop any stomach issues after eating a meal, make sure to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. If the symptoms become serious, seek medical assistance.

Soak Up Some Sun … Safely

One of the best parts about traveling in the summer is being able to soak up some great sunshine. However, try to remember to always be exercise safety if you do spend time in the sun (and who wouldn't?). As an example:

• Drink PLENTY of fluids to keep yourself well hydrated—and to keep cool.

• Be sure to use a sunscreen with an appropriate SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to avoid getting burned. Keep it well applied on your exposed skin. It should be reapplied after swimming or perspiring.

• Keep your eyes protected by wearing a hat and protective sunglasses.

At Cruise America, we are thrilled to see our customers spending summer vacations with friends and family, and we want nothing more for them than to have an incredible time—just be sure to do it safely!

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