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Reinforced RVs For Rent – Apocalyptic Zombie Protection

As you know, Cruise America always stays “ahead of the game” with our innovative RVs for rent. Case in point is the fact that we were the first to come out with not only the flying RV, but the fully submersible RV as well. These were innovations designed to further the enjoyment of RV travel by expanding the capabilities of just where they can go and how they can get there. Our latest “ahead-of-their-time” RVs for rent at Cruise America are geared more for the survival aspect of RV living.

Recent news stories popping up in the United States and around the world have given rise to great concerns that the zombie apocalypse has begun. We know it’s been coming, but how many of us are actually prepared for it? As is always the case, Cruise America is leading the way. They are preparing for this eminent coup of the walking dead with the creation of their new line of zombie repelling rental motorhomes. Special reinforced recreational vehicles are now being manufactured that will defend you and your family against any situation that may come about as a result of the hungry predators’ assault attempts.

The new MDS-AZ (Mobile Defense Systems Against Zombies) is manufactured with ballistic steel on one of our class C RV frames. The windows are made of laminated glass with a polycarbonate layer on the interior for all-protection 39-41 mm NIJ Level III. There is even a complete overlapping ballistic passenger compartment protection system. For these high-end threat levels, we fabricate our own armor plating so that we are confident of its ability to stop intruders in their lifeless tracks. This provides all-around protection against level A9 or A10, stopping all attempts from high power rifles and zombie entry. If desired, our MDS-AZ RVs can also be equipped with a BRAIN (Biological, Radiological, Atomic Nuclear) response package.

As most of us know, a large-scale zombie attack could quickly shut down the main roadways and interstates, rendering most vehicles useless against the lifeless predators.  However, in the event that this should occur, your Cruise America mobile defense motorhome would then become a well-protected and fortified stationary command post, self sufficient in every way.

Each Cruise America MDS-AZ comes complete with food rations to accommodate a family of five for two weeks. Fresh, potable water is stored in internal supply tanks, and the on-board generator powers the fresh air circulation system, so there is never a need to open any of your entry doors until the coast is clear.

In the event that you choose one of our MDS-AZ units from amongst our several quality RVs for rent, and end up having no problems with the zombie faction, you will still enjoy the roomy, comfortable interior of your Cruise America RV. From the inside you would never know you were encased in a totally protective armored vehicle.

While we don’t want you completely paranoid about what you might encounter in your travels, we would exhort you to be wary, and take all precautions as you cruise the countryside. Don’t take the zombie apocalypse lightly. With our modified Cruise America “zombie-proof” motorhomes, you can travel in comfort, knowing that should you encounter any of the groups of zombies that are purportedly roaming the land, you are well protected.

Note: The blog you just read may or may not be factual. The author may, or may not, have taken creative liberties. Knowing him, he probably did

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