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Good News: One of the greatest things about a trip in an RV is that there are so many wonderful memories that come along with the adventure.

Bad News: It’s a shame that our minds aren’t capable of remembering all of the good times on your RV trip.

Good News: Most of our cell phones are now equipped with decent cameras that take great photos, so we have help remembering what we don’t want to forget.

Bad News: Most people don’t know much about the settings on their phone cameras, so they don’t get the best quality of picture as they could be getting.

Good News: With great photos, you can share your RV adventure with friends and family on social media channels like Instagram.

Bad News:: You don’t own an RV.

Good News:: You don’t have to own an RV to go exploring … you can rent one from Cruise America! We can set you up in a top-of-the-line rental RV so that you can get out on the open road. Then, you can put your newfound photo tips to work and post your photos online.

Better News:: This month’s blog is all about taking great pictures while on your RV adventure!

Have you noticed that when you look at Facebook or Instagram feeds, your friends all seem to be somewhere exotic; on the beach, on a cruise ship, at the lake, in a foreign land, etc. Why is it that everybody seems to always travel but you? Is everyone else’s life filled with beautiful scenery and luxurious vacations?

The answer to that question would be a definite “No.” It just seems like you see so many photos of people having fun, because people are taking more pics than ever, and placing them online is just natural; especially when they are great photos. And, of course, most people aren’t going to post boring pics of the front yard they’ve just mowed, or the laundry they just finished. They want to post those kinds of photos that bring back priceless memories—and that make you just a little jealous!

So here are a few rules of thumb for the amateur RVing photog:

Rethink your format:: There are some sites (Instagram, for instance) that require the photo to be square for the best results. So, rather than setting your phone to horizontal or vertical, set it to square. If your pic won’t fit into a square, then back up a little. Don’t be afraid to get further away, as you can zoom in and crop the photo as needed, rather than take close-ups that won’t fit the subject in after cropping.

Don’t forget about composition:: The best photos are those that have successfully captured the subject. It’s amazing how much a photo can change for the better (or worse) by simply changing the angle at which it’s taken. By just tilting the camera up or down a few degrees, you can give your viewers a better idea of what your location looks like. Additionally, nobody wants a picture taken of them from a lower angle. This tends to make noses look bigger and double chins look more than double!

When snapping people:: When you’re taking shots of people, it’s way more interesting if you catch them in an action pose, rather than having them stand there looking at the lens of your camera. Whether they’re hiking, swimming, laughing, or just being themselves, it’s always better to catch some action than trying the “posed” shots.

When shooting landscape shots: First and foremost, avoid trying to shoot into the sun, unless you want an all-silhouette album. If possible, the best time of the day to shoot landscape pics is either before 10:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. Anytime between those times will result in harsh sunlight from overhead, and shadows being cast on your whatever you’re shooting. Also, it’s a good idea to think about the shot that you’re about to take. What kind of sentiment do you want to convey to the viewers? Send the message you want sent by choosing the focus and centering your shot around it, so that those looking at the pic will get the same kind of idea that you’re trying to convey.

Don’t forget to snap plenty of photos of your RV and camping equipment, so as to give your viewers an idea of just what you were experiencing, and how you were experiencing it. Once you have some fabulous photos of your memory-making trip, be sure to not only share with your friends on social media, but share them with us, as well! We love to see how our campers are enjoying their trip … and their rental RV!

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