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There really is nothing better than traveling. There's just something about leaving the day-to-day rat race and setting your cares aside that makes it possible to relax and de-stress for awhile. However, there are a few things that can really be annoying about taking a conventional trip … the kind where you fly, or take your personal vehicle. Here they are:

1. Being subjected to airline schedules, late planes causing missed connecting flights, packing everything into small suitcases and security lines.
2. Paying outrageous prices for a rental car that will accommodate your whole family and all the luggage.
3. Searching for a clean restroom to use every time someone has a need.
4. Having to find a vacancy in a hotel during a busy season.
5. Having to check out by a certain time, even if you're not ready.
6. Being forced to eat out for every meal.
7. Having to find, and pay, for someone to watch the family pet.
8. Kids getting restless cooped up in a small vehicle for long periods of time.
9. Staying in a hotel that is far away from the area or event that you are visiting.

Cruise America completely agrees with all of these complaints; they're very valid. That's why we encourage folks to give RV travel a try. It alleviates every one of the above-listed issues, and increases the value of your vacation time. With RV travel, there are no airline or hotel schedules for you to keep. You always sleep in a familiar bed, and you can wake up when you decide to. You will always have a clean restroom to use, because it travels with you, eliminating many unnecessary stops. There is plenty of room for your whole family in an RV, and the kids won't get antsy. That's because they aren't cramped in a small space. You can bring all the luggage you want because there's plenty of cargo space in the coach. The kitchen in all of our top-of-the-line class C RVs are equipped with all you need to fix your own delicious meals, saving you a great deal of money. You can set up for the night, week or month in an RV park near the attraction you're visiting, and at a very low price. Oh, and your doggy doesn't have to stay behind and have their hearts broken. We encourage pets to travel with you!

With rental centers all over the nation, you can easily find one near you. We can assure you that there is no better way to see the U.S. than from the windows of your Cruise America rental RV.

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