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RV Rentals, Charleston, South Carolina Isn't Far From Savannah

Dear Cruise America,


My name is Sheila, and I just want to write a letter of thanks to you, and let you know that when I think of RV rentals, Charleston, South Carolina comes to mind.  That’s where we lived when we made our “monumental” trip.  If you had told me a month ago I would be writing this letter, I would have thought you were crazy!


My husband recently watched a documentary on the Travel Channel regarding RV travel.  This made him decide that we should go on a road trip with the kids rather than spend time at Niagara Falls,  (which is what we were supposed to do) for our anniversary!   It’s not that I hate being with my children, but we took them to Six Flags in January.  This trip was supposed to be a romantic get-away for just the two of us.  I was furious!  But, because it was his year to choose where we went, and because I would look like the Wicked Witch of the Southeast if I protested, I had to allow it to happen.  I could not think of anything less desirable than to go on an extended road trip with my four teenagers who become evil little demons when we are “on the road.”


We looked on the Internet for RV Rentals, Charleston, South Carolina, and located a Cruise America RV Rental in Savannah, Georgia that would rent us one of your RVs for a very good rate.  It was actually the best we could find.  We ended up getting one of your intermediate size RVs, and it was perfect for the six of us.


When the day of our departure arrived, I packed up a portable DVD player, games, food and snacks galore, and made sure that each of my four kids had their MP3 players for music, along with earphones.  We also let them bring their laptops along.  Once we were packed up, it was off to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, which was about five hours away.  Five hours of driving with four teenagers … are you kidding me?


Here is what I discovered on this history making journey.  Motorhomes are the only way to go on a road trip!  My husband loves driving, I love sleeping and my kids love doing anything with their electronics.  We would stop every now and then, not to eat, not to use the restroom and not to stretch; we could do all that on the move.  We would just stop to take in the sights along the way and get fuel from time to time.  We practically had to pry the kids from their activities taking place in the RV!  Never did I hear “when are we gonna be there” or “I have to go to the bathroom.”  All I heard was the sound of nothing but glorious sleep and my husband’s chatter.


After my husband had driven our class C RV for about three hours, I had to convince him to let me drive, which normally I hate doing, but I loved it.  It was not one of those huge bus like motor homes, so it was as easy as pie! Oh, and did I mention we saved a whole lot of money by not eating in restaurants all the time, and not having to get two hotel rooms every night?


Although I hate doing it, I can admit when I’m wrong, and I was definitely wrong about this road trip thing.  Ironically enough, it is my turn to pick next year’s trip, and it involves another road trip … with the kids!  For RV rentals, Charlotte, South Carolina is not very far from Savannah.  It’s well worth it … thanks to Cruise America.  Niagara Falls here we come!



Sheila Broadrick

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