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Dear Cruise America Customers,

RV Rentals can be a great way to explore anywhere in the United States or Canada you choose to visit. When we think of California, many of us have minds that jump to sun tans, beaches and movie stars. But there is so much more to the state than those items, although there are certainly a lot of beaches, movie stars and tans! Here is an idea for the ambitious traveler looking for something a bit out of the norm (or even out of this world) while RV vacationing in California. There are a host of ghost towns in the Golden State that make for an incredible motorhome adventure.

Calico Ghost Town is an old mining town, which, in its day, contained over 500 mines. It produced over $20,000,000 in silver ore in twelve years. That was a lot of dough back then! In 1890 silver lost its value, and the town lost its residents, leaving it abandoned and empty, with plenty of room to park an RV rental!  The town was purchased in the 50’s and restored to its original condition, just as it looked back when the town was bustling.  This old ghost town is now part of the San Bernardino County Regional Parks, and offers restaurants, camping and outdoor recreation.

Banner is a town that seemed to be doomed from the start. It is located in San Diego County, and was comprised of three saloons, two stores and a hotel back in the mid 1800’s. The town was washed away by floods in 1874, 1916 and in 1926. It was then consumed by fire in 1930. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the townsfolk cleared out. Travelers can still explore abandoned mines (carefully) and feel the history surrounding them. Once out of the mines, you will be glad to get back to the comfort of your Cruise America rental motorhome.

You may wish to turn your Cruise America motorhome towards Agua Fria in Mariposa County. It is a true ghost town. The name (cold water in Spanish) comes from two cold water springs just below the town. It is suspected that this is where John C. Fremont’s men discovered gold in 1849. It became a thriving commerce town and became a hot spot for relocating residents flowing in. This is where the county sheriff, James Burney, recruited men to hunt down the Native Americans during the Mariposa Indian War of 1850. In the mid 1850’s, the town suffered a series of devastating fires and the area was abandoned. Now there is little to see, but the feeling of a dramatic history still lingers in the air.

Take advantage of the comfort and convenience of the RV rentals offered by Cruise America, and consider exploring the Golden State of California through the windows of your Cruise America RV.

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