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An RV Rental in Los Angeles can be a Lesson in Traffic

An RV rental in Los Angeles can be a real adventure, as there is so much to see and do, not only in the city, but the surrounding areas. However, in Los Angeles, like in so many cities, there is a great deal of traffic, and one must be extra careful while maneuvering through it. The way you handle a vehicle in heavy traffic conditions changes up a bit when you are driving an RV. Fortunately, Cruise America only rents Class C RVs, which are some of the easiest motorhomes to maneuver; nonetheless, one must always be vigilant and aware of the surroundings. Here are a few tips and reminders about driving in the heavily populated areas of the Golden State, as well as some other precautions.

Allow for Stopping Room – Even though the class C RVs from Cruise America are lighter than the larger class As, you must remember that they are still a large vehicle and may require more stopping distance. It would be prudent to increase the distance between you and the vehicle you are following, just in case they stop quickly. This allows you more safe stopping distance. This can require a great deal of patience because, if your experience is like most drivers, the minute you move back to a safe following distance, some hot dogger cuts in-between you and the vehicle in front.

High Winds – A windstorm can be a hazard to any vehicle on the road, but motorhomes are especially vulnerable because they have a higher profile than regular family vehicles. Their profile is lower than that of their cousin, the class A, but still they have a higher profile than your family vehicle. This is one of the reasons that Cruise America rents only class C motorhomes. Nevertheless, one must remain very vigilant and take necessary precautions while driving in heavy winds. Slow down and keep a firm grip on the wheel!

How Tall is Your Motorhome? – Remember that before going through drive-through restaurants, you must be sure that there is not an awning that is lower than the height of your RV, otherwise you may be buying more than hamburgers! This also applies in parking lots, banks, or anywhere that has height restrictions. Know just how tall your rental motorhome is, and don’t second-guess it.

Taking Corners – While turning in a class C motorhome is not difficult, it is still necessary to remember that the slower you turn, the better. Not only is this true because the vehicle sits higher, but you also have many belongings packed into the RV that could shift or relocate. Also, get to know just how tight your turning radius is so you don’t end up running up on curbs, cutting across people’s yards or peeling off someone’s rear bumper.

All in all, your motorhome experience should be a relaxed one, so there should never be a reason to go so fast that you make yourself vulnerable to accidents. When you get a Cruise America RV rental in Los Angeles, or from any other city, you are renting a dependable, very high quality recreational vehicle. It will not let you down, so be sure to reciprocate and not let your vehicle down either.

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