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If you're new to the RV lifestyle, or if you're shopping for one right now, it may benefit you to read this blog post about the costs of RV ownership. It could help you in your planning and search. There’s no way we can cover everything one needs to know when making such a major purchase, but we can sure offer you a basic foundation to get you rolling (no pun intended).

Purchasing a recreational vehicle isn’t much different than purchasing a car. It may be a little more intense; and if you are purchasing a new one, it is probably considerably more expensive than any automobile you would buy. In fact, with the exception of your home, an RV may be the largest acquisition you ever make—unless, of course, you purchase a refurbished, used RV from Cruise America. We offer our used motorhomes at a rate that you will find nowhere else, nor will you find used RVs that have been maintained so meticulously as ours have. About the only thing you get with a new RV that you don’t with a used one is the “new car” smell, which is a very expensive, and temporary, fragrance!

The purchase price of the RV is an obvious expenditure, but there are some additional costs you need to be aware of and plan for. Oh, and as far as the adage, "bigger is better," that’s not necessarily true when considering the purchase of a motorhome. Take care not to overbuy, as it will just cost you more in the long run. That’s why we carry only the class C RVs at Cruise America. The room is abundant, the fuel efficiency is better and yet it’s about as easy as driving your family vehicle.

Maintenance Costs: A brand new RV comes with a bushel full of upkeep. It generally takes a year or so before all of the bugs are driven out. There will be repairs and adjustments that will need to be made as it goes into and out of the shop. One of the biggest advantages (other than the price) to purchasing a used RV from Cruise America is that we take care of all the bugs before they are rented or sold in order to assure that our customers have a great adventure without any breakdowns.

RV Insurance: Remember that the insurance you pay on a new RV will probably be considerably more than the insurance you pay on your car. However, it won't be near as expensive if it is a used unit in great condition that you’re insuring.

Fuel Costs: An RV isn’t the most fuel-efficient vehicle one can drive; the average gas consumption allows for 8-20 MPG, depending on the size of RV you drive. The good news, however, is that the money that you save not having to stay in hotels, buying airline tickets and renting cars more than offsets the cost of gasoline for your motorhome. Nevertheless, fuel costs are an item you must consider when planning your trip budget.

Storing Your RV: When you’re not out exploring in your motorhome, it should be parked in a secure spot, preferably covered and protected from the elements. You can always rent a facility in which to store your RV, but it can be costly. Make sure to learn how to safely store an RV, and plan accordingly.

Owning an RV is certainly a source of fun and excitement, as this form of travel is the most convenient, comfortable way to go. While there are no better deals out there than you can find at Cruise America, RV ownership may not be in the cards for you at this time. That shouldn’t stop you and your family from enjoying the excitement of RV travel—you can always rent one of our top-of-the-line class C RVs. We have different sizes to accommodate your travel party, and our trip planning experts will be more than happy to help you determine just what size it is that you need.

Give us a call or visit us online to learn more about how to get the best deal on the purchase, or rental, of a Cruise America RV.

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