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As amazing as RV travel is, there can be a few “speedbumps” along the way, unless you happen to know the trick to avoiding them. Here are a few easy remedies that we like to refer to as “RV Hacks.” Take a look to see if these ideas might help you:

-Cruise America rental RVs come with a kitchen, along with plenty of storage space. But if you’ve ever experienced broken wine or juice glasses after a bumpy ride, try slipping them into “koozies” (foam-insulated can and bottle holders) before loading them into the cabinets. This prevents them from knocking together and chipping or breaking. On a similar note, in order to help prevent broken wine bottles, slip them into plastic mesh sleeves before traveling. This lessens the impact, and prevents glass-to-glass contact.

-In order to save a little space, which is always precious when traveling, use a collapsible laundry hamper as a waste basket when traveling. When you aren’t using them, they can be collapsed flat and easily stored.

-Keep a length of clothesline, along with some clothespins. This comes in very handy when you do laundry, and need a place to hang the wet clothes. The line can easily be tied between two trees, or anywhere you can find to tie it up. When your clothespins aren’t holding clothes to the line, you can use them as chip clips, securing trash bags or any other creative use you can come up with.

-Place a magnetic dry erase board on the refrigerator, or other location. Not only can you maintain packing and grocery lists on the board, you can also use it for emergency info. When you pull into a campground, be sure to get the name of the campground, the address, the site number and the phone number and write it all on the board. This way, in the event that you need to call the fire department, paramedics or police during the night, you have the information they will need right at your fingertips.

--While camping, the need to wash your hands arises frequently. However, you may not want to keep dirtying up the bathroom or kitchen sink. Just take an old pair of pantyhose and drop a bar of hand soap into one of the legs. Tie the pantyhose to the site’s water spigot and let it hang. You can wash and rinse your hands without even removing the soap. Plus, you always know right where it is!

-You will find that by transferring all of your dry foods (cereal, flour, sugar, coffee, etc.) into square plastic containers rather than round ones, you will greatly increase your storage capacity. This is because much less space is needed for square items that can butt up against each other.

-When you give the kiddos drinks from regular drinking glasses, it’s easy for them to tip and spill … especially when you’re traveling. To remedy this, just stretch press n’ seal plastic wrap over the top of the glass and push a straw through the middle, and voilà … you have a spill resistant vessel!

-If you purchase a few shower caddies with suction cups that stick to glass, they make great holders for pens, pencils, crayons, games, etc. for the kids while traveling. Just push them onto the windows next to where the kiddos are sitting.

-Lastly, you can keep pesky picnic-loving flies away by wiping down tables, counters and chairs with a 50/50 solution of Pine-Sol and water. Flies really hate it!

Whether you use RV hacks or not, you are sure to have a blast in your Cruise America rental RV. It is the greatest way to create family memories that will last a lifetime.

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