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Sharing information and helping out customers are two very important aspects of our customer service here at Cruise America. RVers can always use a little help as they come to love and enjoy the RVing lifestyle. From newbie to veteran, from part-time to travel addict, RV lovers find ways to maximize comfort and enjoyment using the many tools, accessories and opportunities provided by Cruise America.

Once you have selected an RV as your source for travel (and a good decision it was), you’d better come up with a plan for your journey. One question to address is whether or not you are going to stay in RV parks along the way, or if you’d rather do some dry camping, otherwise known as “boondocking.” This refers to camping without hookups, and most of the time it’s done in the “boondocks,” or undeveloped areas, although Wal-Mart parking lots aren’t exactly in the middle of nowhere!

RV travelers who are really looking to get away from the crowd often prefer boondocking. It’s for those who want to see what many of the others miss. Some sites will be peaceful, quiet and solitary, and most of them will offer the opportunity to explore the more remote areas. It’s the travelers that prefer a sense of community and social environment that prefer setting up camp in an RV park with amenities and hookups.

Experienced RV boondockers recommend frequenting any number of popular forums and/or websites that are dedicated exclusively to this style of camping. They provide RVers with the information they need to discover the most remote and amazing areas to park your RV for the night.

Diligent searching can result in fantastic adventures and amazing sights and sounds that will generate unique memories. Looking for great sites to set up camp can become yet another item in the long list of those activities that accent the RV lifestyle so well, such as geocaching, rock climbing, metal detection, hiking, photography, etc. Spending some time planning (and enjoying the planning process nearly as much as actually following through on the plans) is a great way to assure your adventure to be a success.

If you decide to do some boondocking, you may want to consider looking into groups dedicated to the hobby, like This particular group caters specifically to boondocking aficionados. Members share all kinds of information that they have each gleaned from their online researching and personal experiences. It increases the amount of information prospective boondockers have at their disposal, while decreasing the amount of time they have to dedicate to gather up the info and go through it in preparation for a great trip.

Enjoying the research aspect of boondocking will actually greatly increase the RVer’s ability to succeed in their chosen hobby, as many great boondocking RV campsites aren’t visible to the eye from the road. Unless you know where they are, you’ll fly right by them and never know what’s been missed! Spending time exploring online can result in the discovery of some great “off the beaten track” sites and info that will take the boondocking hobby to the next level.

Whether boondocking in the wild, or staying in an RV resort with all the bells and whistles, you’re sure to love each and every experience you enjoy in a Cruise America rental RV.

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