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The Modern RV: A Man's Home On the Road is Still His Castle

Imagine driving your house down the highway. Motorhomes have upgraded to be just as accommodating as a real house, and much more versatile. Enter the arena of the class C motorhome, Our RVs are in a class all their own. You don’t have to drive one of the monstrously large motorhomes to have a comfort and convenience. As a matter of fact, many believe that it’s way more enjoyable to drive a motorhome that’s easy to get around in, yet still have room to feel like you are living in luxury.

The modern-day luxury motorhomes can be as much as 42 feet long, 13 feet high, 8.5 feet wide, weighing over 45,000 pounds. They compare in size to most school buses, but there is a lot more inside than rows of plain brown vinyl covered seats. The traditional luxury RV could have three flat screen TVs, multiple couches, a full brushed-aluminum refrigerator, a gas range/oven, and enough cabinets to store a whole house worth of dishes. Luxurious RVs of today come complete with a full bedroom, a multitude of closets, and showers. Laundry is no problem, since the luxurious RV appointments typically include a washer-dryer built in. Who needs all that to take a great family vacation? The realization of an idea, which has goaded humanity since hunter-gatherer days is the ability to have a comfortable home anywhere at any given time. With Cruise America, you get the opportunity to enjoy comfort and convenience without the huge price tags that come along with these rolling houses.

While RV parks vary in size and amenities, most come with plenty to do outside of the recreational vehicle. The Voyager Resort is one prime example of an “everything included” RV park. The resort has a golf course, three pools, multiple tennis courts and dozens of other activities for RV residents to while away their days. When the activities are done, return to the RV and sit down to a delicious meal straight from the kitchen. Rolling up in sleeping bags on ridiculously thin mattresses is a thing of the past. The large, comfortable bed found in the rear compartment of our motorhomes is comparable to anything one might find in a middle-class American home.

Space is hardly an issue in a Cruise America RV. Our customized RVs are manufactured to create generous and spacious floor plans. Our larger models comfortably sleep up to seven people.

Road travelers have never had better opportunities at their fingertips, and they are apparently not afraid to embrace them. Record numbers of new and veteran RVers continue to rent RVs from Cruise America in order to simultaneously embrace the love of the open road. Despite all economic odds, the sales volume for our class RVs has risen on average over the past several decades. The industry recreational vehicle sales topped $14 billion dollars in 2005. The RV industry target market has been expanding as more and more recognize the benefits available through the modern recreational vehicles. Today, the RV market focuses on more than just the rich retiree. Currently, the market is looking to cater to younger renters and buyers under the age of 35, as well as the retired community. It’s a smart move for travelers … across the board.

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