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Renting an RV has always been the most convenient and comfortable means to take you family vacation, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Last month Cruise America was excited to announce the release of their HRV (Hovering Recreational Vehicle). We thought that it couldn’t get more exciting than that, but we were wrong.

Cruise America, in cooperation with the International League of Underwater Transport Systems, has developed the world’s first amphibious Class C Motorhome capable of not only traveling on top of the water, but under the surface as well. The unit is fully submersible for up to ninety minutes at a time. This breakthrough not only delivers yet another advancement for the travel benefits of the Cruise America customers, it benefits the entire U.S. oceanographic community.

Engineers at ILUTS developed the chamber sealed technology that allows combustible engines to operate underwater, using external sealed submersible oxygen and fuel tanks to supply the rich fuel mixture to the depressurized combustion chambers. Cruise America has made the structural changes that create the optimum hydrodynamics for the ultimately efficient glide through the water. The speed capability depends on water temperature and atmospheric conditions, but should average a top speed of 20 knots (23 mph) in clear water.

Once your underwater adventure is complete, just rise to the surface and enjoy the houseboat features, or pull the motorhome back onto the road, flip three easy switches, and you’re back to land lubber status.

The first showing of Cruise America’s C.A.M.P. (Cruising Amphibious Motorhome Prototype) will be on display at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the Spring of 2013. Large, acrylic, aquarium-style tanks are being manufactured so that the C.A.M.P. can be showcased fully submerged, where it will demonstrate its underwater maneuverability to not only the science community, but the public as well. Selected members of the audience will be able to give the controls a whirl to show just how easy these C.A.M.P. vehicles are to pilot.

Some of the extra features that will be offered with our new underwater motorhomes are:

Expanded Windows – A broadened number of high-pressure windows allow for 360° viewing of your surroundings. It’s like traveling in an Imax theater, taking in nature’s splendor from every angle.

Collection Tubes – for the science minded traveler, specimens can be collected from the bottom of the ocean (to depths no greater than 300 feet). These small items may further your study programs, and provide a great opportunity for teaching your family about submarine life. You may wish to do some treasure hunting as you scavenge old shipwrecks or sunken cities. These suction tubes also allow for the gathering of sea-life for consumption. International permitting will allow you, with the flip of a switch, to capture shrimp, lobster and smaller species of fish, all for the culinary enjoyment of your traveling party. Note: What you catch can be cooked in the kitchen of your RV…even while submerged!

Safety Escape Trunk – In the unlikely event that you experience any mechanical difficulties during your underwater adventures, Cruise America has included a depressurized escape trunk that allows for an easy exit from the vehicle. There are even small “pony packs” that are placed over the face, which allow you to breath comfortably as you slowly rise to the surface.

Until people become familiar with this new hydro-based technology, the underwater motorhomes will not be made available to purchase. Customers can rent them for as long as they like, but must bring them in for pressure recharging after each submersion of more than twenty minutes.  Cruise America will provide their hydro renters maps of some of the best bodies of water for subsurface exploration. Each of the suggested locations has ramps for easy access and egress.

We are happy to once again, be the first to offer our customers something new, as we strive to always be the frontrunner of innovation for our loyal customers. So climb in, and let’s cruise, America!

Renting an RV Just Got Even BetterNote: The blog you just read may or may not be factual. The author may, or may not, have taken creative liberties. Knowing him, he probably did.

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