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Cruise America is excited to reveal their latest breakthrough! Traffic has always been an issue with drivers everywhere. As you pilot your Cruise America rental RV into new cities, you may arrive just in time for rush hour, causing delays and robbing you of your valuable vacation minutes. Well not any more!

Cruise America is the first in the nation to introduce the HRV (hovering recreational vehicle). Your eyes aren’t deceiving you…an RV that flies! This is possible due to the utilization of Gravity Opposing Repulsion Vacillation (G.O. R.V.), a technology that was developed by NASA, and until October of 2011 was only made available to the U.S. Military for our National Defense System Development. This technology was recently released to the public sector and was immediately picked up by our Cruise America innovators.

Thanks to G.O. R.V., our newest class C HRV is capable of hovering at an altitude of 85 to 105 feet off of the pavement (depending on your weight load), and will cruise at a speed of up to 135 miles per hour. This technology allows each of our new hovering motorhomes to elevate itself a good distance from the ground using repulsion technology, presumably exploiting short range anti-gravity principles so as to eliminate most friction forces which act against conventional vehicles. Unlike an air cushion vehicle, this does not produce a dust cloud, and incorporates a high velocity forward motion.

The practical uses are endless. Not only do you arrive at your destination much quicker, you can now go places that regular RVs could never reach, including mountain tops and canyon bottoms. Imagine allowing your family to view the sites of New York City from atop the Empire State Building (special permitting required). With our new class C Pontoon Models, you can bring your HRV to rest in the middle of Bear Lake or the San Francisco Bay, or any safe body of water. How about watching the big football game from 100 feet above the stadium? Thanks to the progressive nature of Cruise America, this is all now possible.

Be aware that while we expect it to improve, the class C hovering RVs are capable of five hours of flight at a time before the G.O. R.V. electromagnetic cells must be recharged. However, traveling at 135 mph, you can get to a lot of places, and you can always land your HRV and switch to liquid fuel mode when the batteries are depleted. Cruise America has installed charging stations at most of the major hot spots for RV destinations. Soon, most all of the motorhome parks in the US and Canada will offer the recharging station spaces for a small fee. With the high speed electrical infusion chargers, you can be up and flying in 30 minutes.

When you choose to rent a new HRV, you will take a short course at the Cruise America rental center where you are picking up. It is a two hour course, and you will get to pilot one of our models around the area first to be sure you are confident with your flying abilities. It is actually easier than driving a car!

To learn more about our new G.O. R.V. technology, and to reserve your HRV for your upcoming vacation, visit us at our website, or drop in to any of our rental centers for a demonstration.

Note: These airborne motorhomes are not yet available for purchase, and apply to our rental units only.

Note: The blog you just read may or may not be factual. The author may, or may not, have taken creative liberties. Knowing him, he probably did.

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