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If you have never discovered the beauty of RV travel, you are missing out on the most comfortable, convenient means of travel there is. It really would behoove you to try out the RV lifestyle to see what you have been missing. You can do this by coming to Cruise America and purchasing one of our top-of-the-line used class C RVs, or you can rent a motorhome to see which model best fits your needs, then consider purchasing one once you know a little more about your wants and needs.

When you rent a motorhome from Cruise America, you embark on a journey that brings your family closer together; not only by enjoying the destination, but by enjoying the journey. You will ride in complete comfort, and in one of our class C motorhomes, you have a great view of the countryside, wherever that may be. Everybody has plenty of space to relax during the trip and can engage in whatever activities each traveler enjoys as you roll down the highways of America.

When you travel via an RV, you no longer have to worry about many of the expenses that traditional travel demands. No airline tickets are needed, which eliminates the expense, the tight flight schedules, the airport hassles and the time wasted hurrying.

When you rent an RV, you don't need to find vacant hotel rooms near your destination point, meeting their check in and out times and having to unload your luggage and load it back up. You may need multiple rooms to accommodate your travel party when you stay in a hotel … not with an RV. Our models will comfortably sleep up to seven people.

One of the things that is enjoyable about traveling, is finding great restaurants and eating there. However, this is not a requirement when you rent a Cruise America RV. You can eat out when you want, but you can also stay in your camp and cook your meals inside your motorhome. Each of our models comes with a complete kitchen, so that you can cook delicious meals inside your unit. If cooking outdoors better suits you, there is ample room in the cargo sections of our units to carry a barbeque grill if you desire. Most RV parks have grills onsite as well. There is just something about a barbeque on a trip that makes it taste that much better, and it is way cheaper eating at your campsite than purchasing all of your meals at restaurants.

If you want to rent an RV from Cruise America and give the lifestyle a try, it should be very easy for you, as we have over 125 rental locations across the country. So get online and check out what we have, or come in and see us at any of our many locations.

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