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There is no better way to discover the beauty and wonder of this big blue marble we live on than to explore it in an RV. So many travelers would love to give it a try, but they don't own a recreational vehicle, so they don't pursue the idea. It's surprising how many people are not aware that RVs can be rented by the day, the month, or for as long as you choose. That’s what Cruise America is all about … affording folks the opportunity to experience RV travel for themselves, even if they don't own one of their own.

It's practically impossible to take a trip down the highways and byways of the United States and Canada without seeing one or more of our iconic motorhomes rolling down the road, or set up in the RV parks. You will recognize these class C RVs by the unique wrap covering on them, depicting scenes of travel destinations or countryside. Another feature you will notice about our thousands of units on the road is that they are all in immaculate condition. We perform regular maintenance on each unit as it is returned to us, so that the next family to rent it is assured a clean, sanitized motorhome that looks and runs like new.

When you rent an RV from Cruise America, we provide you with all of the instructions you need to familiarize yourselves with how to set up the unit and use all of the features that are offered. If it's your first time camping in a motorhome, it can be intimidating to try to remember all of the things that are shown to you when you rent. This worry is alleviated, however, when you realize just how easy it is. All of the clear instructions are provided, and sent with you in the unit. Also, you can always give us a call and ask us questions. And in addition, there will always be a friendly neighbor to help you learn the ropes.

Some feel like if they go camping in a motorhome, they must park in a designated RV facility for the night; somewhere that provides restrooms, showers, power and sewer hookups. While these amenities are nice, and make for very convenient camping, they are not necessary. Each of our coaches, no matter what size you rent, is completely self-sufficient. You need no hookups or outside restrooms should you decide to go camping in an unimproved area, otherwise known as "boondocking." The generator on board provides the electricity you need to run the essentials. There is fuel for the appliances that are run by gas. There is a hot water heater that makes for hot, refreshing showers. There are fresh water tanks aboard for showering and doing dishes, as well as tanks into which the sewer water can be flushed and the gray water drained into.

The sleeping accommodations in our Cruise America rental RVs are surprisingly comfortable, and amazingly roomy. Every person has his or her own area where he or she can stretch out and relax. If you choose to take a break from looking out at the stars, you can always draw the blackout curtains that keep the room dark … even when the sun comes up. There are different sizes to choose from, but our large model will comfortably sleep up to 7 people.

So, RV enthusiasts, what are you waiting for? Give us a call or visit us online and line up the perfect RV for your upcoming vacation. We promise that you won't be disappointed, and we must warn you that RVing can be habit forming!

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