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At Cruise America, we not only have the opportunity of teaching people how to drive and operate the components of their rental RV, but we also get to listen to the advantages they discover that come along with traveling in one of our top-of-the-line class C motorhomes. Here are a few reasons that our customers have told us why they enjoyed traveling in an RV better than a personal vehicle, an airplane ... or even a boat:

Advantages of traveling in a Cruise America RV

One of the first things that people who rent an RV for the first time often mention, is what a great view they enjoyed as they looked through the giant windshield at the scenery ahead. Not only does this make for great views out the front of the RV, but the sides are also equipped with windows that provide a broad spectrum of the passing landscape.

Another advantage is that they were able to linger at attractions that have overnight parking available, rather than having to cram everything into just one day. As an example, Carlsbad Caverns National Park offers a Bat Flight Program that requires travers to stick around after the sun has set. The nearest group of large hotels is over 20 miles from the caverns, but there is RV camping available only seven miles from the park.

There is an excellent astronomy program that is led by rangers at Bryce National Park in southern Utah. It runs until 10 p.m. Rather than have to drive back many miles from the park to get a hotel, you can simply walk to your nearby campsite and get cozy for the night in your Cruise America rental RV.

Another advantage that people have been happy with is that the RVs from Cruise America are so easy to navigate; not only down the highway, but in parking lots and campgrounds. Those who drive the giant class A Greyhound Bus-type motorhomes find getting around town to be rather difficult, having to search for public transportation when they want to run any quick errands or short excursions. In our class C motorhomes, travelers feel more like they are driving a van or a pickup truck, rather than an RV.

Another comment we frequently hear is that the camaraderie that exists between travelers in the RV parks is always so much better than what you would find in a hotel restaurant. RVers are a friendly bunch, and they are always willing to help fellow travelers with tips and ideas for any problems that may crop up. They frequently have valuable suggestions of places to go and attractions to see.

Another reason why people love traveling in an RV is that the cost-per-night is so much more reasonable than spending money on renting hotel rooms. Many families require multiple rooms to accommodate their traveling party, but everyone can sleep comfortably in the motorhome for just a fraction of the cost … and there’s no worry about packing up and checking out in a timely fashion. With a self-contained Cruise America RV, you don’t even have to pay to sleep in a park if you choose not to. You can always go boondock-style in the wilderness or in the city. There are actually many businesses that allow overnight RV parking in their lots, which obviously helps save money.

These are a few of the advantages that people comment on. Now, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of renting one of our motorhomes.

Disadvantages of traveling in a Cruise America RV

We’ll get back to you if we hear of any disadvantages!

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