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Ownership is Not a Requirement to Enjoy the RV Lifestyle

If you don’t have an RV, rent one from Cruise America. That is such a simple concept that so many people aren’t aware of. Travelers don’t have to actually own a recreational vehicle to enjoy the comfortable, not to mention convenient, RV lifestyle.

If you rent an RV, you will find that you save a great deal of money on:

Airline Tickets – No matter the size of your traveling party, you can skip the cost of buying expensive airline tickets and trying to compress all of your belongings into a couple of suitcases. With a Cruise America RV you can also skip the hassle of security lines and airline cancellations. You travel at your own pace. Your flight takes off exactly when you want it to.

Hotels – It is common knowledge that when you travel as a group, one hotel room rarely cuts it. A family usually has to rent at least two rooms, which is incredibly expensive. Also, just finding a hotel near the attraction you are traveling to can be difficult. Lastly, when you stay at a hotel, you are forced to abide by their schedule, whether checking in or checking out. In your Cruise America motorhome rental, you can sleep in as long as your heart desires, and do so in the middle of nature, or right at your attraction destination.

Food – One of the fun things about traveling, is that you get to try new and interesting restaurants. That is great, but it gets old (and really expensive) after a few days. When you rent an RV from Cruise America, you have your own kitchen and refrigerator that travels with you. You can fix some or all of your meals, and do so at a fraction of the cost of dining out. It also eliminates the need for food and snack stops while traveling long distance.

Car Rental – Cruise America customers don’t have to worry about renting a car to get them around. You will be driving one of our fleet of over 4,000 class C recreational vehicles. These are not as big as the huge greyhound bus-style class A coaches. Our motorhomes are easily maneuvered through traffic, parking lots, etc. It feels more like driving a family van than an RV.

There are Cruise America locations all over the nation, so you needn’t travel far to get to us. Once you have made your plans, finding your nearest Cruise America rental spot is as easy as clicking on our website.  Visit us and let one of our motorhome rental experts help you decide which RV size works best for you, and what you need to do to drive it off our lot.

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