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Shortly before 6 clock in the morning, I hardly slept, too nervous. I get up elated and haste to the bathroom, to quickly do my the morning wash, and pack the last things up. The journey begins.
We print out our boarding passes at the Self Service counters and receive the ones for the flight from Munich to Amsterdam. Great, thats ok, but what is up with the tickets from Amsterdam to Toronto. We go to the counter, check in the luggage and ask for help for the boarding passes Amsterdam-Toronto. The lady is confused, although we have checked through to Toronto, she cannot print the boarding passes, too. We are adviced to ask in Amsterdam at the transfer desk, it may be that the economy class is full and we might be upgraded for free, my mood rises.
We arrive in Amsterdam, but cannot find the counter. After a long walk, we finally see the transfer counter including many people front of it. After some hick hack we get the boarding passes to Toronto, unfortunately without an free upgrade. Never mind that, as long as we get on board. We quickly eat something. It’s 12:20 am, we rush to Gate F9. According to a sign we have to walk 15 minutes. Boarding begins 12:30 am even if the flight takes of at 1:45 pm, so it almost fits exactly. Arriving at Gate F9 explains why there is a hour long boarding period. A crowd waits at 2 security checks, we will once again checked up. Approx. 1:10pm we are sitting in the airplane.

15:30 pm: arrival in Toronto. During the landing I have discovered the CN Tower. I turn on my cell phone and receive a lot of text messages. Receiving SMS is free, great, ah and Sören is already in Tonroto. I make a quick call to Sören, telling him where to wait for us, because we still need to enter the country officially and collect the baggage. Of course, we wait at the entrance in the wrong line. A (much) older couple waits in front of us. At the counter, the Canadian official notes that the customs declaration was unfortunately not completed. They both understand the official pretty bad (whether it was because of the language or the hearing, we could not determine). But after some minutes, even this would be done. We are kindly asked if we have cigarettes or alcohol, then where we reside during our stay in Canada. I am positively surprised by myself, because I answer confidently: "We rent a RV and we are driving up to Tadousac and back to Toronto while we are here.". The woman smiles and wishes us a pleasant stay. At the baggage claim, we wait more or less patiently for all three of our suitcases. And already we are on the next line, and of course we select unerringly the slower of the two possible lines, we pass customs. Finally we can welcome Sören. He found out during the short waiting time, where we can pick up our rental car.

We ask ourselves whether if we really can fit all our bags into our rented car, and we agree that this is improbable. So, at first we get an upgrade for the car, then we have to find it in the garage and to load our bags in there. So we only have to find the hotel. Sören's bitching Betty (he calls his GPS enabled phone affectionately “Sweety”, which always irritates me, because Nahil call me like that) cannot find a satellite, awesome. Sometime after trials and tribulations, we find the Sandman Signature Hotel. The outside of the hotel bodes bad things, but we will be very positively surprised, hidden in the interior of the Brown Dirt phenomenal 16-floor building is a beautiful, clean 4 star hotel. We are housed in the 14th floor overlooking Toronto and the CN Tower, NICE! After a shower I get my “smart casual” clothes, black dress, black pumps, tights. And head off towards downtown Toronto. We drive on the 6 lane highway towards a wall of high rise buildings, 16 floor are nothing to glass towers we drive by. My primary responsibilities as a passenger is to take care where we have to drive, unfortunately I cannot longer fulfill this task, I am busy with looking around. I stretch my neck and marvel with huge doe like eyes at what “big city” really means.

Despite my inability to focus on the way, we find the CN Tower and the Rogers Stadium. It's windy down there and my tights driving me mad. The elevator puts us up onto the platform's of the CN Tower 350m above the ground. It's indescribable how huge this city and how high the viewing platform is. My two companions are speaking confused nonsense like "Let's go to the glass floor" and "There may still be a free platform. I have to stall for time, at first the tights have to go, then we could fill our empty stomachs first, or what else for do we have reserved seats in the 360 ° Restaurant. Unfortunately, our window seat is only available in one hour. Damn, well, back down to the platform. It is so high that I can barely make people on the street and the city looks like a miniature version of downtown Toronto with light effects and moving magnet cars. And the two men just want some fresh air.

5 minutes later I find myself coming up against the glass shelves. I squint down gently. The two men who have been my dear boyfriend and good friend, emerge as sadistic little monsters. It would be not so bad after all and not so high. The platform is also secure. Yeah, sounds like "the gun is not loaded" because such a shabby glass plate can hold my body. And not high, pah, for me who gets dizzy when I get on the second stage of our ladder to get the pan from the kitchen cupboard. But my curiosity wins. I put cautiously and in slow motion pace one foot on the approximately 10 cm thick Plexiglas plate, of course, only with a supporting hand from one of the two men. Then, with the same speed, but always ready to retreat, my second leg joins the first one. I am not even looking down yet but my knees feel like jelly. Slowly but steadily my chin moves toward my chest and as I look in the 350m deep gorge which ends with a concrete floor. After about 10 sec. shock I’m excited and happy because the plate could handle my heaviness (although I move very slowly, safely and secure) and I had the courage to put my feet on it. I quickly take a few photos and then go outside.

My original fear of the outer platform has disappeared, for the adrenaline flow caused by the glass platform. Outside, it's just cold and the view is worse than inside. My appetite has exponentially grown after the adventure. Our place at the window of 360 ° is now available. We enjoy the meal above the shimmering illuminated Toronto at night. Before dessert, however, I’m getting very tired. According to Munich time I'm awake already over 20 hours. I get crabby, the dessert takes to much time. Unfortunately, I cannot convince the guys to take the dessert to go or to cancel it completely. The dessert arrives, I finished in 4.5 minutes, get more crabby, but Sören actually use his right to enjoy the dessert and eat in the normal pace.
I decide that Sören should have the important task of the front passenger on the way home and I fall asleep within minutes in the back seat. I am awakened by screeching tires. What's wrong, are we in a pursuit, have we had an accident? No, we only lost our way once again and need to turn around. A short time later I’m in our room on the 14th floor looking at the CN Tower, and sleeping serenely in a king size bed.

Today, we are getting our RV for rent. Before I drive alone with the rental car behind the camper, I want to try the car with Nahil and Sören near me. I don’t have to say that we, of course, lose our way on our way to Bolton, but this time because an exit was blocked. After 15 minutes we have almost drove a complete circle. But finally we make it to Cruise Canada. We have to watch a video, after that we check our RV and do some papers. Before we drive to our campground we have to stop at Wal Mart, shopping for food.
After I could not keep up with the two men on our 2km way, I want to drive the camper, so I don’t have to sit alone in the car. We agree on a sign (honking) to be given if I drive the RV too close to something. Nahil honks and then I’ll stop. I start the engine (we are still in the parking lot of Wal Mart), I switch from parking to drive, I release the handbrake, with the foot on the brake. I drive slowly and turn left. After I drove about 4 meters I hear someone honking behind me. The sweat runs down my forehead, where in God's sake should I have driven too near, I'm nearly alone on the big parking lot. On the left is nothing, also there is nothing near the RV at the right hand side, the front or rear. Ah, it’s only the car, it does not start, because the gearshift is no longer set on parking. 2 minutes later, all motorized vehicles are running and we take off slowly. The caravan is loud, rattling the dishes and it feels like a ship on the high sea. Bitching Betty will work again after a restart, according to Sören, we will see. The highway, with its roughly one thousand lanes broad, reduces me into a nervous wreck. That our RV is as wide as our lane, puts it to the edge. Sören tells me about 10m before the exit I have to get to the right lane. However, it’s too late, the line is continuous already and there are too many cars next to me. Betty guides us into a small house settlement. Tatataaaaa, we're lost. Again. My nerves are no longer with me, just one hour driving a RV and I want my mommy. I jump out of the RV, give Nahil keys and tell him that my joy on driving an RV's, unfortunately, is over now after only 10 minutes and he can maneuver the battleship into the harbor. 20 minutes later, we have arrive at the camp ground Glen Rouge Park. Nahil is a much more settled character with driving cars, than me. I’m a little bit hysterical about driving, especially in foreign countries.
Site 11 will be ours for 2 nights. We drive to 11th site and see another RV is parking there. I go back to the enchanting about 16 years old Campground employee who tells me I should get some other free site and she’ll send their colleagues to go to see who made the mistake there. Two camp staff persons have meanwhile found Nahil and Sören and told them to take site 16. At last, we have arrived. Everything is connected and quickly returned to Toronto to shop and wonder.
We stop at the Eaton's Center. At first glance nothing more than a mall, like in Munich. At the second glance (or walk) a lot bigger. We film a few things. I get a bit dizzy from these huge dimensions, and we decide to go outside for a minute. What do we find there, a small church and two adjoining buildings surrounded by the huge glass colossi. Nahil interested in reading a list hung to the churches wall, and discovers that it is a church that was built on the outskirts of Toronto, and the special was that seats inside could not be pre-booked. It used to be custom that rich people seats buy seats in churches, but not here. When we are finished with shopping, we eat quickly in the Mile Stone and drive back to the campsite. Nahil and Sören retire to the bed, while I make myself ready for sleep, and once again fall into deep sleep exhausted.

It’s our First breakfast in the caravan and it tastes good. Today we are going to visit the Niagara Falls. I'm still dizzy, so I decide to act against it with medicine. “Vacumur” helps but unfortunately makes me also very sleepy. Therefore I sleep through nearly three-quarters of the way to the falls, but Sören and bitching Betty (also called nagging Nadja) are good navigators. Since we suspect that the prices for food will be high at the falls we are eating fast food on the highway at Wendy's. A quick stop for a coffee at every Tim Horton's, I can only recommend the Mocha, especially for rare coffee drinker like me. It is a strong coffee with cream and chocolate. We drive for about 35 km until the signs give us pause. Betty always guides us towards the USA. After half an hour it is clear, however, we did not lose our way, the first time since our arrival in Canada. We see the American Falls and a little further down the road, we see only a huge cloud of mist over an abyss. Now we have to park, we see in one lane of only Cruise Canada RV’s. We feel like we belong to a family and decide to park with our rental car between the RV’s. First contact point is the Table Rock House, a welcome center with shopping and a restaurant at the famous Horseshoe Falls.
We are overwhelmed. The sight is just too amazing. The falling water thundering unimaginable dimensions into the abyss below, we see the small boats with tourists, which are fighting their way into the center of the falls. We want also a ride at one of the Maid of the Mist boats, so we are moving slowly towards the boat dock. On the way, we think it starts raining, but no, it is the water mist drops down to us. Even a little damp, we arrive at the dock for the boats, then take the elevator down to the Maid of the Mist. We get blue ponchos for protection and grab the place at the bow. The journey starts. At the top of the viewing platform, I wondered, I thought the falls would be much louder. The closer we get to the falls with the boat, the windier and especially the louder it gets. I close the hood of my plastic ponchos as much as possible. The closer as we get the more and more I realize how everything is wet despite the protective ponchos. The wind hissed all around us so that the poncho is not staying down, I can only hear the thundering falls. We are now standing right in front of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. I try to protect my eyes from the down lashing water, to close the eyes would be easiest, but then unfortunately I won’t see anything. So I chicken out by half closing my eyes to marvel at this spectacle of nature. After I am soaked, the Maid of the Mist IV turns off to retreat to the dock.

Of course, the exit there is in a souvenir shop. I quickly grab some gifts and get a rest comfortably in front of the shop with a view to the Falls. Next stop will be the Whirl Pool. So we are waiting for the bus stop for the bus. Everybody shows theirs All Day Passes, except of us, because we have none. This day pass to get discounts on some attractions, but because it cost 36$ CAN per person and we did not want to see all attraction, we were decided not to buy one. But of course we do not want to travel without tickets. Nahil attempts to clarify, the bus drivers are gesticulating as she speaks into a walkie talkie and Nahil comes back. We can’t buy bus tickets in the bus and since we cannot also buy day passes anymore because this is the last bus to the whirl pool. But the driver takes us anyway. She was afraid that we will not be able to come back, she has resolved that problem for us, too. She spoke with her colleague, so that the last bus takes us back safely. That I call courtesy and helpfulness! You won’t find such a helpful bus driver in Germany.

Arriving at the last stop, we stamp your tickets for the cable car across the whirl pool. We climb into the red car, which is rocking slightly and drive off. Below us, a current flows into a bay, makes a loop and runs out on the other side. So this is the whirl pool. The guys are excited, my admiration has its limits, but I shoot some pictures anyway. Quickly now back in the last bus to the Falls, the friendly driver who will know us immediately, asks us to sit down. We exit the bus of two stations before arriving at the Table Rock House, at the Hard Rock Cafe to eat. Nahil is excited about the exhibits. Sören buys a T-shirt and we walk back comfortably. I discover a shop where there are funny animal hats. Nahil and Sören break out in tears laughting, when they see me with the piggy hat that I have put on. 25$ seems a bit expensive to me and I say goodbye with heavy hearts to my pink pig hat.
On the way back to the car I take some pictures of the squirrels and we drive back to our camper.

Today we are driving to the Algonquin Provincial Park. I’m sure we have too little food on board. So before we can really get going, we need to bring the rental car back and go to the grocery shopping again. So I drive behind the guys, on the highway it gets a little uneasy, there are six car which slip in between me and the camper and before us is an exit, unfortunately I can not see whether we want to get out there, actually I can see the Campers also no longer. I call Nahil in panic, unfortunately, nobody is picking up the phone. Great! I try to pick with one hand and without looking at the phone Sörens number from the telephone list to call him and complain, why he don’t answer my call on Nahils phone as arranged and that I have almost lost them. We'll manage then to arrive at the airport together. We park the camper on the road side, so that you can still pull past us on the right. While Nahil returns the car, I try to get my contact lenses back right in the eye, always mentally prepared to drive the camper away. After a "Hieeech! I think we need to leave" by Sören I bump my head the corner of the closet, all for nothing, as I learn 5 seconds later.

Now we have to buy food, Betty guides us fast and easy to a huge super market. Everyone of us needs still some clothes, and we have not had breakfast. We only find a shoe shop and Winners, unfortunately, we find nothing that suits us and also nothing to eat. We decide to eat in the camper and then to look for a mall. So we eat, drive around the parking lot to discover a giant mall (it’s not like we had not have a look at it from the window during breakfast the whole time, but we did not recognize it). So let’s get the things and find a gas station that also has propane gas.
The rest of the trip turns out to be relaxed. We go and the farther we get away from Toronto, the more beautiful the surroundings get. Arriving at Highway 60, the Algonquin Park opens up before us in all its beauty. Since there is only this road, we have not scared us to lose our way. The campground at the Mew Lake is our goal, the office has already closed, we should help ourselves to get to our reserved place. While the men set up the RV, I cook for the first time in the camper, Spaghetti Bolognese. It tastes good and we are happy.

Our first day in Algonquin Park. Here this is still really something going on. We resolve to take the 2 KM long hike called “Lookout Trail”. According to Algonquins’ newspaper this hike will be difficult. I'm afraid. I’m not really fit. The fear is unfounded. After about 30 minutes we arrived at Lookout Point. Difficulty is something else. We are facing a rocky platform from which we can see well over 20 km (according to the newspaper). We are overwhelmed, but take out the photo camera and the video camera and then we simply enjoy the time we have up there. The return trip shows a couple of other rocks from which we have a great view. The return trip is mostly downhill, of which small Melly is pleased, of course.
Then afterwards we visit the Visitors Center, to see a little movie and get information material and look at exhibits. Firstly, there is then stuffed black bears, which are not all that big as I thought they would be. Perhaps as big as a Akito Inu, just somewhat more dangerous. Even a moose family is shown, which are really huge. But I do not really want to see them dead and stuffed, they live in the woods, so I hope to see a live moose.
We are hungry so we go to a small cottage for lunch, at least, we want to go there. Unfortunately there is no parking for our huge RV so we parked just a bit farther away on a lake and walk over. Food is good and the hosts are very friendly. The host asks us where we come from and as we answer he says: "Ah Germans, they are everywhere!" He says that there are really a lot of Germans here. When I see a chipmunk, he laughs and says, "Yeah theses Chipmunks are everywhere." Nahil answers "Like the Germans." We laugh and take our leave back to the lake. Where we enjoy ourselfs, the air, the weather and the view for a little while.
All we eat in the RV's canned ravioli. I taste it and decide to have a sandwich. The guys eat the ravioli, and i think they are very brave.
The rest of the evening was like this: Guys want to make a fire. Guys do not manage to make fire. Guys are frustrated.

Today I take it easy. Nahil was out of bed early to hike around a 19 km trail. Sören is also staying at the RV. My goal today is laundry and that's what I am doing well. My new hiking backpack full of dirty cloths I walk shakily the 200m to laundry, dirty laundry is pretty heavy. And sit in front of the laundry place to wait. When I throw the things into the dryer, I notice that it does not accept $ 2 coins. Bad luck, I have to return to the RV. Sören exchanges the money into two $ 1 coins at one of our neighbors. When the laundry is dry and I pilgrimage back to the camper, Nahil is already back and playing with the notebook. I sit down 10 minutes and then start to rearrange the cabinets in the trailer, especially the kitchen. Throu my rearranging we have gained two empty storage compartments. I get angry because none of the men thanked me that I have washed the clothes, which would not necessarily be my task. Then I cook us pork steaks with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Because our refrigerator is too cold even at level one everything is frozen. We decide to turn it on only half a day from now on.
The men are trying again to light the fire, this time it works. As soon as they use the right wood the fire ignites. Well, I myself have no idea how to make fire, so I should not joke about the men.

Today is a day on the road as we make our way to Quebec. We order pizza from our caravan, very funny.

Today we drive to Quebec City by bus. Unfortunately, the driver fetches people from six other hotels, some are right on the opposite side of the road which does not stop the driver from driving over there. Because of the pick up mission we miss the change of the guard at La Citadelle. We are dropped off left of Chataeu Frontenac, and are told to wait right there at 18:15 Clock to be taken back. When we arrive, it's drizzling a little. First we have breakfast, then we have a look at the mini Notre Dame Church, there is a mass going on, we go back to the hotel and then to the citadel. The way to it is not very Melly friendly. Steps over steps, and it seems the steps have no end. I sat down at the top in a roundabout, as it now finally is raining and the sky promises no early end. We look at the citadel, but decide not to take the Guided tour and walk back down.
Reaching the bottom, it is still too early for our tour of Hotel Chateau Frontenac, so we walk again to the church, the mass is over and we can take pictures. I am thrilled and take photos. Then as we still have time, make a short visit in the lower city and there are even a small alley down and a elevator back to the upper town. Since our feet are going to hurt, we sit down and take a break for the 40 minutes until the tour starts.
The tour takes place under the direction of August, and is held as if we were still in the year in 1760. He asks all of us where are we from, all Americans except for one Austrian couple. He also explains that the time stood still in the hotel, so he is able to make the tour even if he is from the year 1760. And he can prove it, we should look in the mirror now and after the tour, we will see that we won’t have got older in the meantime. We all have to laugh. Then we have a look at a meeting room, which consists entirely of wood paneling, and we are told the story of the hotel, for example, that the various parts were built after Frontenac died, and that he was a merchant of Quebec, however he had nothing to do with the hotel, but the builder just thought it was a beautiful name. August also told a ghost story. Formerly it was customary to send after the death of a man his heart in a gift box to the wife. When Frontenac died, same was done, his wife lived in Paris and they shiped the heart to her. The wife, however, scorned the heart with the words "I don’t want this man's heart. It was not mine to his lifetime, so I do not need it now." It has meant that she did not really know her husband, since it was an arranged marriage. Frontenac came only once to Paris, they got married, fathered a child and disappeared back to Quebec. So they wanted to bring the heart back. When the ship arrived in Quebec, they could not find the heart. Since then he supposedly haunts the hotel, because Mr. Frontenac is searching for his heart.

Next, we visit the Room "Rose", as you can imagine, this room was completely in pink. So the perfect room for me. This room used to be totally "in" at the female world. They met there for tea or bachelorette celebrated farewells. Also for weddings, today and then, the room is very popular. It is located just above the bar, the real terrain of men. While the men were less interested in the ladies "Pink Room" to visit, the women often went down to the bar, either to flirt or to smoke. Beside, in the Pink Saloon, Churchill and Roosevelt, planed the battle against Germany in World War II.

Now we take a lift in the fourth floor. There, we walk past pictures in old-fashioned way towards the main tower. Right there is a roof terrace. August tells us that there was nothing on the roof for a long time. The chef of the hotel, found this view to the guests a little dull and there created a herb garden, the idea struck so well with that this was enriched with ornamental plants. We meet to greet another group, August, and the head of the other group are nice and introduce our groups each other as cousins of the respective leaders.
Arriving at the lifts of the main tower, our new cousin is showing the mail slots. There you can sent postpaid letters and postcards. Since the shafts are made of glass, it can be seen when a card or letter hangs, and they can move it on. Only once a letter is stuck between two floors, and only 30 years later during renovations, the letter was discovered. Since this was franked they sent the letter. An answer was not forthcoming.

Now we go up in the 11 floor of a standard room to visit. We are told that we are lucky, as yesterday in fact the hotel was fully occupied. While this did not happen too often yet, but just now and then. The room is really nice, dark wood, flat screen TV, marble bathroom with tub and shower. On the bed, we can find the hotel as a 3-D puzzle. August asks if anyone knows where we should be now. Nahil is the only one who answers and is correct.

Back down in a hall with a huge chandelier. An anteroom to the ballroom was once used by merchants to make small talk, and contacts. Except for one lamp everything in the room is still original. The hall was formerly called the Palm Hall. How it is now called, I got no idea. Then it goes into the ballroom. A stage front, side window with heavy gray-green curtains. In itself, all very nice. Opposite the stage, there is a balcony, which was bigger in earlier times. Formerly on the balcony, the orchestra was housed, today everyone wants to see the orchestra or the band so there is a huge stage and the big balcony was unnecessary.
If one directs our attention to the stage, the left-rear window, is only a fake window. There is a hidden huge door that leads to the parking deck. Very handy if, for example, concerts take place, the whole equipment can be driven directly into the ballroom.
We also have meet the other group there again. It should only follow a story that they had been told by guests and it was so nice that it was always told at the end of a guide. Then August and Erika decide to tell us true story together, and here it is: "On a guided tour, they stood at the head of the grand staircase, which are divide in the right and the left and down runs to a small space together under the chandelier, the tour leader in front of his group was just telling the facts about the indoor palm trees. In his group was an elderly woman began to weep bitterly. They asked what was going on and whether they could help her, she just said she was so touched.
Of course, every one likes to know why and so she told it. She and her husband (he was also in the group) was there 60 years ago, had spent their honeymoon at this hotel and of course they had taken part in such a guided tour. At that time groups were given farewell at the grand staircase. She and her husband decided to walk down the stairs alone. The man went down to the left the woman went down the right stair and both made a wish. Below arrived they gave themselves a heartfelt kiss. Now 60 years later they were back here again and told each other what they wished 60 years ago. They wanted both a long and healthy life together and someday again be at the Hotel Chateau Frontenac. Now 60 years later, this wish was fulfilled, because the grandchildren had gives them the journey to their 60th wedding day, without knowing about the history and whishes.

The hotel staff found this story so touching that it was tradition to tell that at the end of each guided tour, and to repeat this procedure on. And so we ladies walked down the right stairs behind Erika and the gentlemen walked behind August the left stairs down. Below every woman should kiss a man, in best case her own man. Of course, I'm made a wish. Nahil wished for nothing. He has thought about it and decided that he is just perfectly happy with his life. That is also romantic in my opinion. Then the tour ended.

Since we still had time until the bus came, we sat down again in the bistro area and waited. By bus we went back to the campsite. There, the men made fire again, after they get out how it works, it works.

Since Quebec has nothing interesting for us, we drive to our next destination, Montreal. Quickly checking in at the KAO campground, and straight on to Montreal City. We take the RV to a Park and Ride on the outskirts and then take the metro into the City. We decide to get a rental car. So we are looking for a rental service, as soon as we've found one, we want to go on a little shopping tour. We think Bell Center sounds like a mall. This turns out that it is a sports stadium. We walk a litte around but there is no shopping center in sight. In an HMV, I find a book called Angry Girls. This is a comic book like South Park only with girls. I love it.
We eat at Cafe Republique. Very nice staff, very good food. We want to get back to our camper, but at first we have to find the parking lot by car. Montreal is an island. The parking lot is almost on the mainland and then in between there is again an island with the biosphere and the casino. Sören's nagging Nadia refuses to cooperate. We get rarely a GPS signal. Three-quarters of Montreal seem to consist of one-way streets, which does not make it easier to find the bridge that brings us toward our RV. After a few times losing the way (we know this by now) we find our RV.
Since Nahil is registered as the sole driver for the rental car, I have to drive the RV. I am brave and manage it to bring Sören and me healthy to the campground. We have not lost Nahil, so everything is super. Our rental car is complicated and sucks. When you close it, it honks, but if you press the unlock bottom it does not open necessarily all doors. The light inside is more decorative than usefull, it is GPS safe, means there is no chance that the GPS signal to Sören's XDA. Well now we have it and now we keep it is paid for 3 days.

Let’s go shopping again. We start at The Bay or La Baie, where I spend a lot of money. They have Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren in large sizes, I am excited and hyped. We are still looking for things for Nahil. We continue to the Eaton Center and two other malls, all under ground or above transitions. We estimated to have seen about 10 km of shopping malls without visiting a shop twice. However, we have purchased anything since the Bay. We eat in a French restaurant and drive home.

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