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Cruise America has a new customer! RVs are great to go camping in. However, there are other uses for an RV, as Santa has discovered.

Traditionally, Santa Claus has packed all of the toys he needs for his annual gift disbursement into his sleigh. Many people just take this feat for granted. After all, he is Santa Claus! However, in a vein of reality, it has gotten to the point that there is no possible way he can make his journey across the world in one night if he has to keep coming back to his shop to load up again. Because of this, Cruise America has jumped into the picture, and offered Santa the use of one of their large, 30’ class C motorhomes to use for his Christmas deliveries. “This will make Santa’s work load so much lighter,” says Santa’s wife, Layla Claus. She further stated that because Santa no longer has to make so many trips back to the North Pole to load up again, he will have a little extra time on his hands to drop in for coffee and a piece of pie at one of the all-night cafes.

Because of the spaciousness inside the Cruise America RVs, as well as the large cargo storage bins in the rear of the vehicle, Santa will have more than adequate room to load up all of the gifts for delivery. Should any of the reindeer become fatigued or ill, there will actually be room to place the animal inside the motorhome.

The class C Cruise America RV is perfect for Santa’s needs. If he used one of the huge class A RVs, there would be no room to land on the roofs of the world. In addition, many of the roofs Santa must land on would not able to sustain that kind of weight.

Because of the aerodynamic features of our Cruise America RVs, the load is much lighter for the reindeer, enabling Santa to reduce his team to four deer at a time, splitting up the night amongst one another. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen will start the night, with Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen finishing off the shift.

Time will also be saved due to the fact that Santa will no longer have to land the sleigh each time he needs to utilize the restroom facilities. He will now have one he can use inside his RV.

While RVs are great for traveling and vacationing, they have other uses too. One of which will assure Santa arrives to your home in style and comfort.

Happy Holidays from your Cruise America family.

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