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Motorhomes For Sale – I’m Burnt Out

There are motorhomes for sale everywhere I look.  I live in Apache Junction, Arizona and in this town you can’t find an intersection anywhere that doesn’t have a motorhome parked nearby with a “FOR SALE” sign in the window.  I first thought that it was because people didn’t like their RVs, or that they couldn’t afford them.  I later learned that it was not because they wanted to get rid of their RV, it’s because they want to get newer models, so they are selling their old ones.  But here is another thing that I noticed; most of the ones for sale are the great big class A RVs that look like huge greyhound busses!  It seems that people are turning to the smaller version (yet just as nice) called a class C RV.  They still have ample room to move about, but they are built on a van or pick up truck chassis so they are more like driving a family van than a passenger bus.


I had every intention of purchasing a motorhome, as we just inherited $32,000 last year from my wife’s grandfather.  I figured that would at least make a heck of a down payment on a decent RV.  This was all before I learned about Cruise America!


When I was looking for motorhomes for sale on the Internet, I came across an ad for Cruise America, extolling the virtues of renting a motorhome before buying one.  It caught my interest, because I learned two things:


  1. I can purchase a very nice used motorhome from Cruise America for less than $20,000!  That leaves me a fat little nest egg to put towards future vacations.
  2. Better yet, I don’t even need to buy a motorhome if I don’t want to; because they rent the exact kind of RV I was interested in buying.  They are the class C style.  They are easier to get around in, and still offer the same amount of sleeping space.


To make what could be a long story short, I ended up renting from Cruise America, and fell head over heals for the RV lifestyle.  As of yet, I have not purchased one, because I kind of like the idea of renting … just in case we take a bigger group with us and need to rent a different size.  I feel like I have my cake and I’m eating it too!  Thank you Cruise America!




Stephan Eddrington







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