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Hey RVers, remember that Cruise America offers top-of-the-line class C Motor Homes for rent. RV travel is one of the most convenient and comfortable modes of travel, and you deserve the chance to give it a try. By renting one of Cruise America's motorhomes, you will discover a world of stress-free travel that you probably never knew existed! You go where you want, when you want. No longer do you need to worry about airline tickets and all the hassles of airport parking, security lines and flight cancellations. Oh, and how often have you traveled to a town to find that all of the hotels are booked up, or that your reservations were messed up? And as if hotel rooms aren't expensive enough, many times you need multiple rooms to accommodate your traveling party. And then there is the all-annoying check out time! With a Cruise America rental RV, you no longer have to find hotels for you and your family, because your hotel is going with you every step of the way! And as far as check out times, there are none!

When you travel there are certain things that you will probably need to stop for. First, you need to fuel up. Unfortunately, this remains the same, as we have not figured out how to power a motorhome without fuel yet. However, you no longer need to make restroom stops at gas stations or rest areas. You have a restroom with you all the time. Also, you no longer need to stop for snacks, because in your recreational vehicle you can carry all the snacks you want. And as far as eating out for every meal … that can cost a fortune if you have a family. With an RV rental from Cruise America, you don't need to eat at restaurants if you choose not to. You have a refrigerator and a stove, and most likely you have barbeque facilities at your side. The best meals in the wilderness are made in motorhomes and on grills, or even over open fires.

As you travel in an RV, you have a front row seat to nature at her finest. You get to travel amongst the scenery, not 40,000 feet over it. You can pull over anytime you desire and take in the beauty through which you are traveling. You can literally stop to smell the roses. In an airplane, that will not be happening … you hope!

For your next vacation, give the RV lifestyle a try. It is so easy, that you will probably never want to go back to the conventional way of traveling. As a matter of fact, once you get a taste of it, RVing will probably become your conventional means of travel. Visit us on the web, or drop by any of our over 125 rental centers and let our travel experts help you decide just which model of class C RV will best suit your needs.

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