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Invisible Motor Home Rental Now Available from Cruise America

When you are traveling in a motor home rental from Cruise America, you’re on the road with a myriad of other travelers. Sometimes it’s great fun to be a part of the RV community in a neighborly fashion, staying in RV parks and joining in conversations with your fellow explorers. But sometimes you just want the solitude of being apart from the rest of the world. At times you wish you could just be invisible. Well Cruise America Customers, now you can!

As we regularly do, Cruise America has once again stretched the boundaries of innovation. Our Strategic Engineering of Advanced Technology (S.E.A.T.) department has taken yet another step in the advancement of high science, and incorporated it into our new Vision Inhibiting Perceptive Eyesight Refraction (V.I.P.E.R) class C motorhome . Now, with the flip of a switch, you can activate the “cloak of invisibility” and avoid having your cherished solitude interrupted by anyone, whether friends or foes. Not only does it keep chatty visitors away, it avoids the intrusion of malevolent wrongdoers as well. According to SEAT Department Team Lead, Stewart West, “A thief cannot break into a motorhome if he can’t see it.”

Cruise America’s new stealth technology, which has been termed as “transformation optics,” is put to good use through the use of a Meta material that is invisible on the microwave light spectrum. Our new VIPER motorhomes are made entirely of this material, which neither reflects, nor absorbs light, creating a transparent effect that is very difficult to perceive by the human eye.

As a precaution, Cruise America has installed governors on the control panel that disables the invisibility feature while the motorhome is in motion. We needn’t explain the complications that it could cause on the highways. However, there are a few more concerns that you may want to be aware of before initiating the cloaking device:

• Be aware that while in the invisible mode, it is not unlikely that your motor home rental will be hit by running animals such as deer, foxes and rabbits, as well as flying birds, etc. It is not at all unusual to walk out and find dead birds lying around. We are currently working on a sonic barrier to deflect unaware creatures, but as of yet, we have not.

• If you leave the cloak activated when you leave your motorhome to go hiking, exploring or run errands, your RV can be very difficult to find when you return. Be sure to place markers of some sort near the RV to alert you to its location.

• If you stay in an RV park, you must not leave the cloak activated while you are in the motorhome without using the provided “Awareness Wraps”. If you don’t wrap the RV, inevitably someone will inadvertently try to park in your space and cause damage to the vehicles of all parties involved. Even while sitting outside, you may wish to place one of our wraps around the vehicle to discourage bloody noses to unsuspecting children. These wraps are simply a bright colored, lightweight drape that attaches around your vehicle to create a visual obstacle to all who pass by. They also alert other campers that there is something in the path so they don’t attempt to park in your spot.

Our VIPER models have also proven to be a very useful tool to law enforcement agencies as they conduct undercover surveillance operations. The invisible command post allows a vigilant surveillance in a comfortable environment.

While inside a Cruise America VIPER motorhome, you would never know it was invisible on the outside. The Transformation Optics do not affect the comfort in any way. You still see everything you would normally see from the inside of the RV, as the visual effect is only effective to those on the outside of the motor home rental.

Due to what is sure to be a very high demand, Cruise America is ordering more and more of these modern wonders. Before long, you may see only empty lots at our rental centers. This, however, won’t necessarily mean that there are no RVs parked there, it may just mean that you can’t see them, as some managers choose to leave the cloaks activated for demonstrative purposes.

Drop by one of our Cruise America rental centers soon to see, or not see, one of our new VIPER motorhome rentals.
Cruise America’s newest invisible VIPER model with cloak activated.

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