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In March we purchased a Cruise America RV because we'd had a fire in our home and needed a way to stay on our property while rebuilding.  Unfortunately about 30 days later,  there was a problem with the roof found on the 24A unit that we purchased. We were really worried we'd be out thousands of dollars at a time we could least afford to have something like that happen.

Well Let me just say Cruise America has not hesitated to make the situation 100% right and ensure we got the quality of unit they represent in their advertising on YouTube and websites.  We are thrilled with our new motorhome now and can't say enough good about the fact that the staff at Corporate Cruise America and also (and especially) the sales staff and service staff at the Everett, WA location, went above and beyond to make things right for us!

We are already discussing looking at their compact 19A units when they start hitting the market since our experience with a larger unit has ended up so positive and my other half really wants to build a 4x4 compact motorhome for more rugged adventures.

For the moment we're enjoying living in our 28A Cruise America RV while our home rebuilding is completed and have a few fun trips planned for the summer. I am also looking forward to traveling to dog shows in style this fall!

It is not often you hear someone happy when they have a problem with a used vehicle of any sort, but Cruise America really did honor their word and went to work to find a great solution to our problem and provided a solution that has made us double glad we decided to purchase from them.  We saved thousands over similar units we looked at and we found a company that stands behind their promises!

Happy 4th of July!

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Comment by Karyn Cowdrey on July 5, 2012 at 9:04am

The Model 23P is the one my other half liked best but were all sold out by the time we decided to buy, I'm happy to hear that Cruise America/Cruise Canada has consistently done a good job at ensuring customer satisfaction even after the purchase!

Happy Rving! :)

Comment by Philippe Frigault on July 5, 2012 at 4:31am

my roof also got fix by them, no arguing, they paid the bill and we were happy also, we have a model 23P



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