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Don't Let your RV Travel Interrupt School

Just because you're on a trip, doesn't mean your kids' education has to come to a halt!

If you're one of the millions of Americans that home school their children, remember that traveling in an RV is one of the best educational experiences there is! If you think about it, your RV can be a rolling classroom, offering learning opportunities that just can't be found at home, or in a traditional classroom. There are a number of thought-stimulating experiences that can be found on the road, visiting historical sites and learning with a more "hands on" approach. Teaching your kids is a perfect compliment to the loads of fun you can have on a family vacation in a Cruise America rental RV.

Here are a few ideas for teaching opportunities from the comfort of your motorhome travels:


There's no reason in the world why you can't take advantage of the math games that can be played each time you fill up with gas. Have the older kids do conversions from gallons to liters, or calculate how much mileage the RV is getting. They can figure out how many miles you can travel before your next fill-up. You can present them with the fill-up, and figure out what the change should be if you were to pay with a higher amount. Using the mile markers, you can have the kids figure out how many miles to your next destination, or how many miles you have traveled.


If you plan your trip properly, you can follow a historic route, and visit historical sights, learning the story behind each one. Kids take a great deal of interest in history when they can actually see a part of it. Everywhere you travel, you are experiencing an historical site. It is not only a great lesson for the kids, but for mom and dad, too. Mount Rushmore, Plymouth Rock, the Alamo, Tombstone, the missions of California, and so much more are great locations for your home-schooling history lessons.

Social Studies

Traveling in an RV you will be passing through a plethora of different towns, both large and small. Getting to see the different cultures and the people who work in the town at their respective jobs is one of the best studies of our society you could experience.

Traveling in an RV is the most comfortable, convenient and economic way to travel. There is no reason to miss out on your travels because of your kids' school lessons. Traveling on the road doesn't hinder the education of your children; if handled properly, it enhances it.

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