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There’s just something about camping in the woods that makes folks hungry. Is there anything better than waking up in your motorhome after a comfy night’s sleep to the smells and the sounds of bacon and eggs frying? And what is it about the smell of burgers on the grill while in the wilderness? It must be the same principle that makes a hotdog taste so good at the ballpark; the location and the time of year. Not so much because of the physical place, but the place where you’re enjoying being. And, who doesn’t enjoy being in the woods with their loved ones, or at a ballpark with friends and family?

The ghosts and goblins are preparing to make their way into the campgrounds for a night of haunting. You should probably be ready for whatever monster should knock on your RV door. We have put together a couple of ideas for fun Halloween recipes that are easy to make in your rental RV from Cruise America.

Oreo Mummy Yummies
The walking dead never tasted to good!

You’ll Need:

Oreo cookies
Sucker sticks
Vanilla-flavored candy coating (white)
Candy googly eyes (or chocolate chips if you don’t have eyes)
Wax paper

Heat the candy coating over the stove slowly until it is soft enough for dipping. Insert the sucker stick into the cream between the two chocolate cookie layers. Holding the stick, dip the cookie into the candy coating and stick the eyes on before the chocolate melts. Lay them onto a piece of wax paper until they are hardened. Now, using a piping bag (or a plastic bag with one of the corners trimmed off), drizzle some melted candy coating across the cookie from top to bottom, giving it the appearance of bandages. The kids will love them (and so will you)!

Hacked Off Fingers in a Bun
Now this treat is a winner if you’re going by taste, but who will be brave enough to actually eat one?

You’ll Need:

Hotdog buns

Cook the hotdogs as you would normally, although if you make them on the grill the effect is even creepier. Slice off a thin, fingernail-shaped section of the skin at one end of the dog. Cut a few slices where the knuckle would be, then place them in a bun and mess up some ketchup on top of, and around, the delicious finger.

Nutter Butter Spooks
Have anudder Nutter Butter ghost … if you dare!

You’ll Need:

Vanilla-flavored candy coating (white)
One 16.0 oz. package of Nutter Butter cookies
Candy googly eyes
Wax paper
1 Package of small chocolate chips

Heat the candy coating over the stove slowly until it is soft enough for dipping. Dip the cookies into the candy coating and place them onto the wax paper. Stick the eyes on before the candy shell hardens. If you don’t have googly eyes, you can use two chocolate chips. Place one chocolate chip where the mouth should be. That’s it … it’s that easy!

Campfire Cones
Now I’m sure you’ve heard of S’mores … this is a tastier, neater version. They may not look spooky or anything, but once you taste them, you won’t care!

You’ll Need:

1 box of sugar or waffle cones
1 bag of mini marshmallows
12 oz. Chocolate chips
Aluminum foil

(You may choose other options like nuts, Heath Bars, Reece’s cups, fruit, Almond Joys, etc.)

Fill each cone with the goodies you want, then wrap them in aluminum foil and throw them onto the grill or toss them into the campfire for 7-10 minutes. Unwrap them and enjoy these tasty rewards … but be very careful, these things are really hot!

Even if you’re not in your RV over Halloween, you can still give these treats a shot. After all, it really doesn’t matter what you cook, or even how it tastes, when you dine together around a campfire or in your RV, you’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime.

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