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How About a Grilled Cheese … On the Grill?

There are all kinds of interesting food to savor, but sometimes it’s so tasty to just go back to the basics and throw a variation on a classic. For instance, have you ever considered making a grilled cheese sandwich—on the grill?

Very few people would disagree that everything seems to taste better when it’s prepared on the grill; and the flavor is even increased more when it’s prepared and eaten while camping! This blog contains a way to prepare a classic, simple dish on the grill, and Cruise America is betting that by the time you finish reading this article, you’re going to be craving a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cheese sandwiches have been around since the beginning of cheese and bread, but the “grilled cheese,” as we know it, came about during the 1920s, when cheap white bread and relatively inexpensive cheese became available to those who otherwise had very little. But ironically, even though it has the word “grill” in its title, it’s not typically prepared on the grill … at least, not on the outside grill while vacationing with your family in a Cruise America RV!

As most know, the perfect grilled cheese sandwich has a golden brown finish with a slight crunch, complimented with a gooey, cheesy filling on the inside. However, this perfection can be tricky to achieve on the grill unless you have a plan. Here’s that plan you need to make the perfect grilled cheese on the grill.

There are three crucial things you’ll need:

The Proper Ingredients

No successful culinary accomplishment turns out if the right basic ingredients aren’t used:

•The Right Bread – No matter what type of grilled cheese you intend on making, be sure to use thick slices of bread. You don’t want your sandwich falling apart and dropping through the grill grates.

•Plenty of Butter and Oil – Okay, nobody said these cheesy delights are low calorie, but if you’re going to enjoy a grilled cheese, make it as tasty as possible. The oil (preferably olive) or butter help to keep the bread from sticking to the grill. In addition, the fat helps to keep the sandwich moist. You should use at least a quarter tablespoon of oil or butter per slice of bread.

As far as exact ingredients go, you can use a whole variety of different cheeses, including cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss or American. The breads can also be varied, whether you prefer sourdough, wheat, rye, French or Texas Toast style. Also, you can add another dimension to your sandwich by adding protein such as bacon, pepperoni or tuna.

Varied Heating Zones on the Grill

In order to make your sandwich turn out perfect, you’re going to want to use three different areas of the grill:

•High Heat – Accomplished by moving all of the coals to one side of the grill. If it’s a gas grill, set one burner to “High.” Nothing will actually be placed on this section of your grill, it’s for heating purposes only.

•Medium Heat – This is the first station you place your sandwich on to cook. It is next to the high heat, but not directly over it. It is where the bread is toasted.

•Low Heat – This zone is the furthest away from your high heat, and will be the last stop for your sandwich, making sure the heat is evenly distributed throughout before removing it from the grill.

Proper Cheese Distribution

The only way to ensure that each bite contains the perfect amount of cheese and bread is to evenly spread the grated cheese over the entire slice, going all the way to the edges.


1. Make sure the grill is as clean as possible
2. Light your coals and allow them to burn to ash white
3. Move all the coals to one side of the grill to make your “high heat zone”
4. Once the internal temperature of the grill reaches 250 degrees, brush olive oil on the grates to prevent sticking
5. As the grill heats up, grate your cheese and brush one side of the bread with olive oil or butter
6. Distribute the cheese evenly on the unoiled side of the bottom slice of bread and top it off with the second bread slice. Make sure the butter or oil is on the outside of each slice
7. Place the sandwich over the medium heat area of the grill for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the cheese starts to bubble inside the sandwich
8. Using a metal spatula, move the sandwich to the low heat zone for 3 more minutes
9. Remove the sandwich from the grill, cut it in half diagonally and enjoy

As you know, there are a host of foods that go exceptionally well with the grilled cheese sandwich, from tomato soup to coleslaw. But nothing makes a meal taste better than eating it while camping in your Cruise America rental RV!

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