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Cruise America has always been the "stand out" RV rental company in the United States and Canada. When someone wants to rent a motorhome for their first RV experience, they needn't ponder on whom to rent from; Cruise America always delivers.

Recently, Boston Globe reporter, Emily Sweeney, posted an article in the August 2nd edition of the Boston Globe, in which she described her experience in a Cruise America rental RV as she embarked on a road trip with friends and family for the Fourth of July.

Sweeney started her article by writing, "Picture yourself behind the wheel of a huge RV, barreling down the highway. Your companion is riding shotgun beside you. The kids are in the back, playing a game of cards at the table. This is your house on wheels, and everything you need is right there with you." She couldn't have expressed it better.

She goes on to extol the virtues of traveling in a motorhome, emphasizing how comfortable it was, how easy and fun it was to drive, and how their concerns about never having traveled in an RV were alleviated once they arrived at the Cruise America rental center in Tyngsboro near Boston. She mentioned that while she and her partner loaded up the motorhome, the kids sat very contentedly for hours as they played cards in the RV. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes about the value of traveling in an RV with kids! Emily also mentioned how easy it was to hook up the water and power once they arrived at their camping destination. In addition, she wrote about the kitchen, and how they prepared kid-friendly meals utilizing the stovetop burners and the microwave, with a little help from a toaster they brought from home. She specifically mentioned making waffles, omelets, scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta and English muffin pizzas. Try making that in a hotel room! Sweeney added that while the quarters were close, the sleeping accommodations were surprisingly comfortable.

There were also learning experiences during their maiden voyage in an RV, one of which was the fact that as the RV barrels down the road, things tend to move around in the refrigerator, causing food to want to fall out once the fridge is opened. Sweeney's writes that she lost eggs and hummus to the food-shifting phenomenon, but that they'll be more aware next time.

Cruise America was glad to read that her trip was not only very economical, but a great success, leaving her eager to do it again. This is not an isolated case … most everyone who rents an RV becomes a big fan of the comfortable and convenient lifestyle, and they usually make it a permanent part of their travel lives.

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