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For as long as there have been skies to sleep under, there have been people unable to get to sleep. These night-crawling insomniacs have tried plants, pills, meditation, special lighting and even hypnotic recordings, yet some find no dozing relief!
If you happen to be one of these sleep-deprived individuals, fear not … there’s hope … and it’s as close as your local Cruise America RV rental location. You see, recent research has revealed that there is a much simpler way to overcome insomnia besides pills and hypnotism; it’s simply the great outdoors! According to scientists, just a few nights out camping can reset your body’s internal clock and help you fall asleep more quickly.

So, rather than lying down counting sheep in your bedroom, scientists suggest that you get out into the world and start counting real sheep, or trees, or deer or waterfalls. And try out your camping skills while you’re at it. And what better way to explore the outdoors than in a Cruise America rental RV?

Researchers report that by simply being a member of today’s society, your circadian rhythm can be thrown completely off course. One of the main causes of this is the deprivation of sufficient natural light. A recent experiment was conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado, during which it was discovered that just a short stay in the great outdoors can cause a rapid shift in peoples’ internal clocks by as much as 2.5 hours, making it possible for them to go to bed at a decent hour once they return home from camping.

This can be a big relief to those suffering from a lack of sleep. Not getting enough shuteye can cause noticeable sleepiness and reduced productivity during the daylight hours, and even worse, lends to mood disorders, diabetes and obesity.
According to the research leader, Dr. Kenneth Wright, “If a person wants to go to bed at an earlier hour, then a weekend of camping could be just the thing.” He continued, “Our findings demonstrate that living in our modern environment contributes to late circadian timing, regardless of season, and that a weekend camping trip can reset our clock rapidly.”
It was this same research team that previously discovered that the modern-day exposure to electrical lighting (such as computer screens, phone screens, etc.) can be the cause of our circadian timing being off by as much as two hours.
This same group of researchers wanted to find out if the same sleep-inducing effect could be triggered by shorter amounts of exposure, so they sent a group of nine people out camping for a single weekend—with no forms of lighting, including flashlights and cell phones. This lack of electrical lighting over the weekend did the trick; shifting the internal clocks of the participants into proper alignment. An additional factor would be the lack of technology such as phones, computers or tablets keeping them up at night.

So, as you can see, camping in a Cruise America rental RV is not only stress relieving and totally relaxing; it will also get you sleeping better!

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