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Vacations that are taken in an RV are much friendlier to the environment than the more traditional methods, such as traveling in an airplane, renting cars, staying in hotels, etc. RVers have always held a special place in their hearts for our Mother Earth, and they go to great lengths to take extra care to minimize their carbon footprints as they camp.

RV manufacturers are also taking care to design and manufacture motorhomes that will be the friendliest to the environment. These recently manufactured units are:

More fuel efficient – New ideas are being developed and tested in the U.S. to create lighter, more gas efficient models, allowing campers to get more bang for their fuel buck.
Lighter weight – Motorhomes are now being manufactured with lightweight materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass, renewable bamboo and other eco-friendly modern-day composites, making a big difference in fuel economy.
Class C RVs – There are some who prefer to drive the large, bus-like class A RVs, but the motorhome manufacturers are creating floor plans that allow for more amenities and increased spaciousness in the smaller, easier to handle, class C RVs.
Better Aerodynamics – New stylish, sleek frontends are being created to cut through the wind more easily, reducing wind drag.
Going Green – The manufacturers of recreational vehicles are increasingly making use of renewable woods, eco-friendly components and sealants. This makes for much earth-friendlier units rolling down our nation’s highways.

While most of these items are just plain common sense, they are very relevant to conservation efforts. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind as you become one-with-the-landscape:

• Always drive a motorhome that has been well-maintained and well-tuned up. This is one of the reasons Cruise America takes such great care of their units; to keep them eco-friendly and running like new. Each time one of our RVs has been rented and returned, we go through it with a fine toothcomb, assuring it’s ready and road worthy for our next customer.

• If you’re camping in an RV park, be sure to use the designated, marked campsites so as to not damage the surrounding foliage.

• If you’re boondock camping, be extra careful not to destroy the landscape by hitting or damaging plant life, displacing wildlife or building fires where there’s a chance of it spreading to nearby shrubs or trees.

• As you make your way across the countryside, be sure to recycle your trash. Also, check what is and is not recyclable where you happen to be; it may be different than where you reside.

• If you can refrain from using disposable cups, dishes and utensils, do so. While convenient, these throw-aways create a lot of garbage that otherwise would not be generated.

• Keep your campfires to a reasonable size. The more you burn, the more pollutants you put into the air. Anything that is burned in the fire should burn completely, leaving no charred, residual trash.

• Be sure to adhere to the seasonal fire rules, especially if burning would create any kind of fire hazard.

• Your cleaning supplies should be of the non-toxic nature, as well as any additives you put into the water tanks.

• When you secure your pet in the outdoors, try to use a corkscrew-style stake to tie them to. Securing them to trees can be damaging to the delicate bark.

• Try to work in harmony with nature; if the weather is warm, do your best to use awnings and shade to cool off, rather than burning energy with your motorhome’s A/C unit. In the winter, try to take advantage of the sunlight, and keep your unit protected from the north and west winds. This will significantly cut down on the amount of heat you require to stay comfortable.

• If practical and possible, turn off your utilities when you head out on your trip, and use resources like water sparingly while traveling.

Research has shown that 94% of all RVers travel with 2-7 people. This means that a motorhome moves more people at one time, reducing the required fuel and increasing the mileage. This also invokes the “The more, the merrier” clause. Spring is coming, so don’t procrastinate. Call Cruise America today to get your reservations in place.

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