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The Tasty Benefits of Traveling by RV

One of the best things about traveling in a rental motorhome from Cruise America is that you don’t just fly over the tremendous beauty of a cross-country journey; you get to go through it, stopping whenever you like to “smell the roses.” Try that in an airplane!

This nation of ours is so diverse, that one could travel a lifetime and never see all there is to see. To experience the various cultures and customs from state to state is priceless when you’re creating family memories. But there’s another benefit of traveling by motorhome that we sometimes overlook. Aside from the unique landscape, weather, cultures and customs, there are unique flavors to experience.

Whether it’s fresh lobster from Maine, cheesy grits in the South or the delicious Mexican food of the border states, the fare you experience while eating on the road is as unique as the hands that prepare it. As you make your way across the state, region or the entire nation in an RV, you can stop wherever you like and gather the fruits of your travels … literally. And because each Cruise America RV has a built in refrigerator, you are able to keep some of the items you gather for later, or take them into your RV to cook them up the way you want to do it.

One of the greatest farmers’ markets ever is in Seattle, Washington. Pike Place Market has been described as a “magical gathering place that never fails to offer up new experiences.” With over 10 million annual visitors, it’s Seattle’s most visited attraction, and it’s the 33rd most visited destination in the world! Not only is this a great place to partake of some of the best seafood you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating, it’s also abundant with flowers, produce, crafts, arcades, collectible shops, and anything else you can think of. Take a cooler full of ice along with you so you can purchase whatever creatures from the sea that please your palate, and cook ‘em up later at the RV park!

While you’re in Washington, consider stopping in at The Elevated Ice Cream Company and Candy Shop in Port Townsend. This is a refreshingly modern “old fashioned” ice cream parlor that specializes not only in their homemade ice creams, but home baked deserts, espresso beverages, chocolates and specialty candies.

If you're ever in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, do your best to stop in at the Gun Barrel Restaurant for some down to earth, real cowboy cookin’. From fried green tomatoes to hickory smoked buffalo, you can’t go wrong—that is, of course, unless you happen to be a vegetarian; then you may choose to skip the grass fed beef, the buffalo and the elk! This showcase of a restaurant really was, at one time, a showcase! It was a wildlife museum and taxidermy shop, and still exhibits a few of the works of animal art. Oh, and if you don’t make it to Wyoming, there is a second Gun Barrel in St. George, Utah.

So what’s a food conversation without bringing up pizza? Should you ever be passing through Idaho Springs, Denver University Hills, Arvada, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Evergreen or Steamboat Springs in Colorado, you’re in luck! Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza has become legendary amongst pizza lovers across the nation. There is an endless number of combinations you may choose to pile on to one of their signature “Mountain Pies,” but it’s the rich, thick butter crust that really sets this cuisine apart from the gazillion other pizza places in the country.

And speaking of “pies,” you really should make a trip into Montana to visit the Two Sisters Café near the Glacier National Park in Babb. They are known for their Rainbow Trout, Bison Steaks and their world renowned Red Burger. However, as delectable as it all is, you cannot beat the fresh huckleberry pie they serve, complimented with their hand crafted ice cream. It won’t take you long to realize why people travel long distances to get to this landmark eatery.

Here’s another variation on delicious food. Should you travel the Amish country of Indiana, don’t miss the opportunity to taste their amazing Amish cuisine; and one of the best places to do it is in Middlebury at the Das Dutchman Essenhaus restaurant and bakery. It’s Indiana’s largest restaurant, and with good reason; they have to have room to accommodate the people that travel there to get a taste of heaven. You can order a specific plate, or you can hit the buffet; either way will fill you up. Don’t miss out on the dessert. Take some of their ridiculously rich custard pies. Some of the favorites are the banana cream, the strawberry, or the rhubarb. You may decide to load a few up in your RV fridge. Oh, and let’s not forget about the homemade preserves, breads and noodles.

Of course, the all-time best tasting food will probably be the food you make outdoors on the grill, or inside your RV on a rainy day. When you're with family and loved ones, it really doesn’t matter. However, when you decide it’s time to get out and take advantage of some of the unique tastes of the region, these are a few examples of thousands that are out there. You won’t know how good an establishment is until you try it, and the best way to try it is by rolling your RV to the restaurant of your choice and getting your fill of goodness.

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