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There are Cruise America locations all across the nation. Whether you are looking to rent an RV, or purchase one, Cruise America has a location near you. There are currently over 130 rental centers in the United States and Canada, and 13 sales centers, so finding a nearby location is never a problem.

There are all kinds of ways to take advantage of RV rentals from Cruise America, and depending on where you want to go and what you are looking to do, our Cruise America RV staff can assist you in getting just the right vehicle for your situation. They are eager to answer any questions you may have about the RV lifestyle, and can guide you in the right direction to get you on the road.

Some families will rent an RV in their hometown and travel a circuitous route, stopping at points of interest in their own state. Many of us exist in a state without ever taking advantage of the beauty and intrigue that is right under our noses. For instance, right here in Arizona where our home office is located, we know of several residents that have never seen the grand canyon! By renting one of our class C motorhomes, you can hit the road and explore right in your backyard. You may be amazed at all there is to see and do in your state, without ever leaving its borders.

Other travelers will drive or fly to a destination state that they want to explore, and then rent an RV from the local Cruise America rental center so they can start their journey there. Once they return, they can get back in their car, or back on the plane and fly home.

Several of our customers rent RVs with no intention of traveling. They may be attending a sporting event or a musical festival that lasts for days, and need a place to stay while it is going on. Some rent RVs to gain extra bedrooms while they have guests in town. Our models are so comfortable, that any guest would be very happy to stay in them instead of a hotel. There are some organizations that need an RV to use as a mobile command center, or a temporary office, and what better and more comfortable way is there than to do it in a Cruise America RV?

There are those who are moving, and need a comfortable way to travel to their new residence, sometimes across the country. Not only can you fit a great deal of items in your rental RV, you can relax as you move, skipping hotels and motels. Cruise America has specials on one-way rentals that make this type of traveling very affordable, so keep your eyes open for these specials on our website under Rental Deals.

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