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Hey RVers, remember that Cruise America offers top-of-the-line class C RVs for rent. RV travel is one of the most convenient and comfortable modes of travel, and you deserve the chance to give it a try. By renting one of Cruise America's motorhomes, you will discover a world of stress-free travel that you probably never knew existed! You go where you want, when you want. No longer do you need to worry about airline tickets and finding a hotel with check in and checkout times looming over your head.

When you travel in a class C motorhome from Cruise America, you don't need to stay in a park, although it makes it a little more convenient for you if you will be using a lot of water and electricity. The class C RVs from Cruise America are completely self-sufficient in the event that you decide to camp "boondock" style, or more technically correct, "Parking Independently." These terms mean that you are out on your own, using only the water from your water tanks on the unit and the electricity created by the motorhome generator. This style of camping comes into play best when you find a spot that calls to you, and you choose to spend time there, including overnight. However, there are some occasions when you want to stop for the night and don't have an RV park in mind, nor the knowledge of where to find one. You may not be seeking beauty, just rest. Some of the areas that work well for just an overnight stay are:

• Large camping stores with RV service may be okay. Most of the time anyone noticing your RV will make the assumption that you are waiting for an early service appointment anyway.
• Some motels don't mind you staying in their lot, and there are boat ramps that allow parking (but don't hog the whole lot).
• City or county parks work well, but be careful not to pick a park that is closed at night.
• Wal-Mart is a preferred parking place for many RVers. They allow recreational vehicle parking, but one should not take advantage of it. Their intent is for you to stay overnight, not two weeks. You don't want to ruin it for everyone else by being greedy.
• Gambling casinos almost always allow, and even encourage, RV vacationers to park in their lots. It is a good idea, however, to check with the casino representatives to see if there is a coupon or pass that you need to obtain from them before turning in for the night.
• Some tourist attractions allow overnight parking in their lots, but check with them first to make sure they are okay with it.
• There are some wild life refuges that will allow overnight parking. Once again, common sense says to ask a ranger or someone in authority before setting up the grill and canopy.

Whether you park in a designated RV park, a remote area, or a temporary area in town, there is no better, more convenient way to spend the night. No check in or checkout times, and no trying to squeeze the whole family into one hotel room to save expense. With a rental RV from Cruise America, everyone has plenty of room no matter where you are parked, and all of the conveniences of home travel with you.

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