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According to a survey conducted by The Associated press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, the number 1 thing that Americans want to do while on vacation is … nothing! In fact, close to 75% of Americans say that relaxing while on vacation is extremely important to them. They are perfectly willing to turn in their hiking shoes for a good, comfy hammock.

What About the Traditional Staycation?

While we do like our relaxation, it seems that most of us don’t exactly cling to the idea of staying home during our allotted vacation time. Interestingly, only 8% of us think that staying home is ideal; the other 92% want to get out and explore. That’s most likely why RV camping is so enjoyable. And now that Cruise America has over 120 locations around the nation, you’re never too far from one of our rental centers.

How About Unplugging from Our Electronics?

Most Americans do their best to keep from cracking open the computer or bookwork and continuing to work while on vacation. While 32% of us work a little, or at least check in with work from time to time, 60% of us claim to never check in with work at all while traveling. Only 8% of us don’t slow down at all, rather we lean more towards the “workaholic” habits and can’t seem to leave work alone. Unfortunately for that 8%, they won’t ever achieve TRUE relaxation without “letting go” for a while!

Interesting enough, it’s the Americans under 30 that are the most plugged in. Only 13% of them say that they are likely to completely disconnect from online activity while on vacation.

Lately, the term “bleizure” has been bantered about at the water cooler. It means to combine a business trip with a leisure trip. However, the majority of us (69%) don’t consider the extension of a business trip a real vacation.

What are the Favorite Vacation Activities?

Everybody has their own idea of what they most like to do while on vacation. When the study group of travelers were asked what their favorite activities were while traveling, the responses were as such:

Sightseeing – 55%
Local Culture & Cuisine – 51%
Visiting Family Members – 46%
Spending Time in Nature – 45%

When it comes to gender, there are distinct differences between traveling women and their traveling male counterparts. While 22% of women enjoy shopping, their store-loving men measure in at only 9%. In addition, women (60%) outnumber the men (49%) when it comes to sightseeing as being one of their favorite traveling activities. Lastly, the women (52%) enjoy visiting family more than the men (40%).

Traveling Alone or with Company?

Eighty-seven percent of travelers do so with their spouses and/or children. Only 14% say that they prefer to travel alone. Consequently, 68% of travelers will vacation with either a significant other or friend, while 49% will travel with other relatives or friends.

There is one point that nobody will argue with: It’s hard to beat the convenience and comfort of traveling in a Cruise America motorhome. Our Class C units are in tip-top condition, and ready to hit the open highway.

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