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The Ten Commandments of RV Travel

Verily verily I say unto thee, that thou shalt pay heed unto these words which we hath written unto our people. For behold, thou knowest that Cruise America remaineth the best place to renteth an RV. So, why must thou wait? Reserveth thine recreational vehicle now, for the end of winter approacheth, yea, and we giveth unto thee, commandments, which we would exhort you to follow. Looketh upon them and be true unto thine own self:…


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The RV Industry is Getting Younger by the Minute!

There was a time during yesteryear when anyone who heard the term, “RV,” would conjure up an image of owners that would inevitably be stereotyped as older, retired and ready to step into a motorhome and waltz away from society.

But, hold the phone, Jackson! Recent findings indicate that one of the reasons that the RV industry is thriving as much as it is, is because the RV consumers are getting younger and younger. This, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).…


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Hints for the Novice RVer

There are so many people missing out on the fun of traveling in a recreational vehicle, and sadly, it’s usually because they don’t realize how fun and easy it is. These people are missing out simply because they are unsure of the unknown.

It’s not the unknown that is scary, though. In fact, it’s one of the funnest and most memory-gathering experiences a family or group of friends can have. It’s unbridled freedom to travel wherever you get the urge to go. It’s like enjoying the comfort…


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Great RV Road Trip Ideas

RV travel means freedom. Freedom to go where you want, when you want, and for how long you want. You can make a rough plan and follow it loosely, or you can make a detailed, by-the-minute plan and keep to it. It’s all up to you. It is, however, always a good idea to have at least some idea of where you want to go, and what you want to accomplish. Oh, and you should probably plan out a budget so you know how much you’ll be able to spend as you go. Our Cruise America travel experts will help…


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Ten Reasons to RV

There are only so many ways to travel. It’s pretty simple; you can drive the whole way in your family car — Oh, yeah, that’s always a blast with the kids squirming and the luggage getting rained, snowed and hailed upon as it rides restlessly on top of the car.

You can fly. This is a great option if you like crowded airports, making your way through security, getting your flight cancelled or delayed, and finally renting a car and trying to find a hotel. Yep, if that is what relaxes…


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The Best of Cruise Christmas Music

Surely we all love those dear Christmas carols, but sometimes the words can be just a tad redundant. For a fun family traveling game, try to replace the words of your favorite songs to match the activities of the day. Here are a few examples of what we mean.

Cruise America Presents … The Best of Cruise Christmas Music!!!

To the tune of White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,

The kind you spend in an RV.

Where the wind is…


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Cruise America Partners with Santa and Team for 2018 Deliveries


Cruise America Partners with Santa and Team for 2018 Deliveries

Mesa, AZ - November 25, 2018 - Cruise America is pleased to announce their agreement for cooperative efforts with Santa Claus and his gift delivery team (GDT) for the 2018 Christmas Season. This comes in the wake of an announcement made by Christmas authorities, who claim that this season will be the busiest yet, with the growing population and the expansion of the gift requests.…


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Have a Holly, Jolly Campout!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so it’s been sung. A time for family, friends and sharing. However, sometimes it’s a special treat to get away and experience the spirit of Christmas in the great outdoors. Nothing must be sacrificed, and the ambiance can be exhilarating if you’ve never spent the holidays under the clear, starry skies in the heart of Mother Nature.

Cruise America has RVs that are comfortable in every season, with heating and cooling, a complete kitchen, a…


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Ten Favorite RV Parks for Thanksgiving

Some folks like to think of Thanksgiving as a wonderful time of relaxation and tranquility, but if you are the one cooking and slaving in the kitchen, you may beg to differ! You spend hours working hard to prepare a feast fit for a king … and before you know it, it’s devoured in a matter of mere minutes! How about undergoing a paradigm shift and switching things up a bit this year? You could rent an RV from Cruise America and visit one of the RV parks that take care of your Thanksgiving…


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How to Grill your Turkey Outdoors

One of the nation’s most beloved activities is to travel the open road in a Cruise America rental RV. Another beloved tradition is to celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking and devouring an entire turkey, along with the other accoutrements. So, why not combine these two activities and hit the open road this November?

It’s one thing to prepare your turkey feast at home, but it’s a whole new experience to cook it in the great outdoors. There are so many ways to cook your bird, that you…


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Visit Haunted Homes in your Motorhome!

Halloween is here, and so are the many activities that go along with it. Here in the U.S., there are companies that have created the most bone-chilling haunted experiences that promise to have you screaming in terror. In fact, there are those who will climb into their rental motorhome from Cruise America and travel across the nation from North Carolina to Texas to California to see these haunted establishments. You may not have time to plan your trip before Halloween this year, but you will…


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Adios to Summer, Hello to Fall

Summer has officially ended, and travelers are trading in their swimsuits for light jackets, sweaters and binoculars. That’s because this is the amazing time of year to go looking for the beautiful fireshow of leaves that give up their green attire for a motif of red, yellow and orange.

According to a recent AAA survey, approximately 250,000 travelers will be on the road this fall for one specific purpose: To see the beauty of the fall leaves. We don’t know how they are all traveling,…


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Just One Decision

One of the reasons that family travel is so popular is because it’s so easy to plan a trip! There is simply one decision you have to make: Do we fly, drive, or rent an RV? Each option comes with its own set of issues; you be the judge ...

If you decide to fly:

Start saving up your well-earned dollars now, so that by next year you can afford the airline tickets for you and your family.

Be sure to get to the airport at least two hours early to get your bags checked,…


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RV Humor is the Best Medicine

The Bear Facts

Two hunters rented an RV from Cruise America to take on their bear hunting trip. It was early the morning after their arrival that one of the hunters decided to go scouting for bear while the other stayed home to get things organized and make some breakfast.

Right after the first hunter set up an observation area, he spotted a huge grizzly bear and took his shot. The bullet just grazed the bear and did very little damage, and the… Continue

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In Arizona, Motorhomes Are Abundant

In Arizona, motorhomes are abundant. There are many factors lending to the large number, but one of the biggest ones is that the Arizona weather is great for traveling all throughout the year. The winters are mild, and the spring and fall are gorgeous. Summer time is a great time to head north (in an air-conditioned Cruise America Arizona RV rental) and see all the wonders Arizona has to offer.

When the heat starts pounding down, travelers love to head…


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A Few Destinations in the Last Frontier

Here is an interesting fact that many folks don’t know: Alaska is one of the most-desired destinations for rental RV travelers! This is a state like no other, with its magnificent mountains, the intriguing glaciers and the lush, green forests that cover the land as far as the eye can see. Otherwise known as The Last Frontier, Alaska hosts close to three million visitors every year. There are plenty of ways to see our 48th state, but none of them compare to the experience of doing it in one…


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Yellowstone’s RV Camping Options

Yellowstone National Park is a wonderland of what appear to be magical formations, colorful hot springs, boiling mud pots, as well as one of the best shows that Mother Nature offers: The world’s largest concentration of geysers! In addition to the beauty of the underworld coming forth to the surface, there is an abundance of wildlife to see.

If you’re planning on cruising to Yellowstone sometime this year, you may find this blog very helpful, as it lists…


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How About a Unique Way to Camp?

In our blogs, we have suggested a myriad of places you can take your family or group camping in your Cruise America rental RV. However, we have a unique RV camping idea for those who really embrace their privacy. How about renting your own private forest?

Those who are looking for a very singular, private getaway may just love the idea of heading to Ridgeline Trails in the area of Vandervoort in western Arkansas. Here, a family can rent a private forest…


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How to Take Great RV Vacation Photos

Good News: One of the greatest things about a trip in an RV is that there are so many wonderful memories that come along with the adventure.

Bad News: It’s a shame that our minds aren’t capable of remembering all of the good times on your RV trip.

Good News: Most of our cell phones are now equipped with decent cameras that take great photos, so we have help remembering what we don’t want to forget.

Bad News: Most people don’t…


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Mammoth Cave National Park

This planet we live on is full of intriguing features made by Mother Nature, herself. One such feature is located in south-central Kentucky. It’s a labyrinth of caverns under the surface of the earth that spans 400 miles, making it the longest cave system in the world! Mammoth Cave National Park is an amazing place for you and your family to visit in your Cruise America rental RV.

With over 52,000 acres, Mammoth Cave National Park is full of things for your family to…


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